The Tower Bridge Report Tourism Essay

This study will be divided into 5 subdivisions. In the first subdivision I will be depicting the map of the company and the merchandise it provides for its clients. The 2nd subdivision will supply an overview of the economic sciences of the concern and competition. The 3rd subdivision will depict the direction construction at the company. The 4th subdivision will supply both the PEST and SWOT analysis. Finally I will reflect on my clip as a tourer usher, depict the occupation function and give my feelings of the company. Describing the company and what it offers Tower Bridge is a municipal endeavor owned, funded and managed by the City of London Corporation who are the local Government organic structure responsible for the “ fiscal square stat mi ” . The City of London is hence responsible for all commercial and operational affairs associating to Tower Bridge. Support of the endeavor comes from a long standing trust.

London Tower Bridge is located in the bosom of London and is really near to London ‘s conveyance substructure and universe celebrated historical sites such as ; the Tower of London and HMS Belfast. It is a good known span that has become an iconic figure of London, crossing the River Thames, and is within walking distance of London ‘s other celebrated attractive forces such as the Globe Theatre and Tate Modern. Originally built in 1894 to ease traffic congestion on London Bridge and designed to let entree to big ships to the pool of London, it was subjected to a major transition to go a tourer Centre in the 1980s. Tower Bride is hence both a memorial to London ‘s yesteryear and a successful tourer attractive force. The chief offering is the Tower Bridge Exhibition which allows visitants to come in inside the Bridge leting entree to the High Level paseos with uninterrupted positions across the metropolis. This provides a alone merchandising point with which to market itself and provides a memorable and emotional experience for visitants. The circuit besides allows visitants to see the Victorian engine suites from which the span used to be powered by. The company besides offers corporate amusement bundles and a popular gift store for visitants. Entry monetary values are at an low-cost rate and for sing pleasance, the Exhibition comes equipped with synergistic screens, skiding window panels for better image quality and first-class artworks on their elephantine screens. One of the most of import characteristics of Tower Bridge is its “ bascule ” mechanism system, which rises around 1000 times a twelvemonth and is still in map to this present twenty-four hours. Bridge gaps are really popular with the populace and are portion of its attractive force and temptingness to tourers. This peculiar span is the lone span in the universe of its type that opens and stopping points.

Market and rivals

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Another historical attractive force within the same locality as Tower Bridge is the ‘Tower of London, ‘ which frequently competes with Tower Bridge as people tend to blend up the two because the constructions are rather similar and this may sometimes take to confusion. Furthermore, the Tower of London was celebrated in Britain and around the universe during World War 2 as an iconic landmark. Inevitably dominating Tower Bridge. Nonetheless the Tower Bridge is cardinal to London ‘s historical heritage as a major commercial port. London has many other attractive forces including: the London oculus, which can hold up to 10,000 visitants every twenty-four hours and even the London Bridge Experience which opened in 2008. The Tower Bridge Exhibition has grown steadily since gap in 1984, with last twelvemonth being its most successful in footings of fiscal excess and Numberss of visitants. With a little selling squad and budgets, Tower Bridge Exhibition relies to a great extent on administrations such as Visit Britain/London to document tendencies in visitants. Tower Bridge Exhibition marks throughout the twelvemonth a really wide country including both the European and domestic markets. Within the domestic markets educational groups are besides targeted but equal importance is placed on household groups. Advertising usually occurs through specialised magazines, in peculiar publications like the Times Educational Supplement or via web sites such as where costs are by and large lower so other mass media options. Trade shows are attended such as “ World Travel Market ” where the exhibition is promoted to a scope of circuit and group organizers and databases are created for direct mail runs. Tower Bridge Exhibition has a alone relationship with its rivals, although in direct competition with one another, attractive forces within London work together along with Visit London to convey people to the country. Tower Bridge Exhibition has a list of distributers which in return for a discounted ticket rate sell tickets globally, nevertheless they besides promote rivals. Other cardinal stakeholders of Tower Bridge Exhibition are Local and National Government and the EU who and enforce regulations and ordinances. The local community and response services, the Tower Bridge charitable trust, all visitants, the media, internal trade brotherhoods and employees are besides cardinal stakeholders.

The cost of sing the exhibition is ?7.00 per grownup and ?3.00 per kid ( 5-15 ) under fives go free, with a grant ticket bing ?5.00 and handicapped invitees acquiring in for free. Group price reductions are available for 10 people or more and a publicity with Network rail allows 2 for 1 entry. Ad hoc publicities are run throughout the twelvemonth aiming specific groups, for illustration the exhibition ‘s twenty-fifth day of remembrance was celebrated by allowing local occupants in for 25p.

Job function


As a Customer Care Guide at the Tower Bridge Exhibition I had a just sum of responsibilities, functions and duties which was based on the karyon of clients and their safety along with their well being which meant invariably seting at that place demands and demands foremost at all times. Furthermore, that meant me supplying exceeding client service and attention at all times and doing certain that the clients visit was as gratifying and pleasant as humanly possible. With that in head I would hold to posses a certain grade of cognition sing the span and the local vicinity.A I would besides be required to hold a competent degree of expertness relating to the Bridgess history, building and design most notably for whenA I am positioned inside the span and making a place that entails making addresss on a regular basis. For places like theseA I must convey clear and precise information to the clients so that they are made cognizant of the procedure inside the span. In add-on, A I would besides necessitate to be to the full cognizant of all the procedures of the span if say there was a fire or an evacuationA I would hold to be aware of the right drills and stairss that needed to be taken in order for a safe and unafraid emptying to be achieved for all clients particularly the handicapped, aged and those in a wheelchair. My responsibilities included keeping a high degree of security for both the visitants and the exhibition points every bit good as ever being on manus and available to interact and prosecute with visitants should they need or require any aid or aid from me at any phase during at that place visit. Furthermore, if they had a question or wanted farther information about the or the country.


Management Structure

A concern construction is really of import and every organisation has its ain construction. A company such Tower Bridge organisational construction is a hierarchal with a construct of subordination of entities that collaborate and contribute to function one common purpose. Most of the staff in Tower Bridge are all in the front office covering the member of public and tourer, some have more interaction such as the Ticket Office and Customer Care Guides.

The troughs

Tower Bridge uses a functional construction which has the advantage of being easy to understand. The concatenation of bid requires that an employee can describe to one or more directors, but one trough such as Andy Nicholson, typically has more authorization over the employee than their other director ( s ) . In Tower Bridge there are three troughs: one exhibition director and two helper directors. Having this construction means holding beds of direction that control the company by keeping a high degree of authorization, with the power to do determinations refering concern activities. Employees such as client attention usher have limited authorization to transport something out without anterior blessing. This organisational construction tends to concentrate on top-down direction, whereby executives at the top communicate by stating in-between directors, who so tell foremost flat troughs, who so tell the staff what to make and how to make it. A limited figure of employees report to a director, who so reports to the following direction degree, and so on up to the Bridge Master or Tower Bridge Director.

The directors needs to be responsible for actuating the staffs and guaranting that any formal systems and patterns that are in topographic point are non undermined in anyhow. In theory the directors at Tower Bridge are responsible for the concern public presentation, every bit good as keeping high criterions of service and wellness and safety.

A functional construction of Tower Bridge can be illustrated by the undermentioned diagram: A


The Directors are responsible for set uping displacements for their staff, making promotional events and price reduction offers, trade with client ailments, actuating staff, guaranting that staffs have the right uniforms, recognizing clients and organizing table reserves.

Plague Analysis



Political factors that may impact the ability of Tower Bridge to run include authorities and City of London constabularies. In fact it seems improbable that these will impact adversely on the attractive force in the immediate hereafter given its high profile and historic position. Cuts in public outgo may take to higher admittance monetary values and less staff running the exhibition. As the authorities recent determination to cut support to Visit Britain by 18 % has large effects for all London Attractions most specifically the smaller attractive forces such as Tower Bridge Exhibition who relay to a great extent on its services. Flight and bed revenue enhancements could discourage visitants off from the metropolis. Terrorism menaces threaten the full London touristry industry.



With more people utilizing the cyberspace, Tower Bridge Exhibitions will hold to reexamine its current web site, as presently ticket purchases are excessively complicated. Promotions in ICT have meant that statistical informations on tourer tendencies is now simpler to roll up and more easy accessible through web sites such as Visit Britain. Tower Bridge still has old and new engineering some of the original hydraulic machinery is still remain as exhibition in the engine room nowadays they use electro-hydraulic thrust that open the span up.



The chief external forces ( macro environment factors ) that affect Tower Bridge Exhibition are economic and societal factors. London is perceived to be an expensive topographic point to see, so the exhibition will necessitate to supply better value for money. This is possible as at presently utilises merely one tierce of available infinite. It will necessitate to see joint publicities with other attractive forces. Changes in involvement rates at place cause fluctuations in disposable income significance leisure activities are frequently put on clasp, exchange rates and the strong lb against the dollar has seen a smaller spend per individual from the of import American market.


Tower Bridge Exhibition relies to a great extent on household groups, so a diminution in traditional household set ups will necessitate Tower Bridge to re-think its household tickets monetary values. Over the recent old ages are has been a alterations in vacation forms with people now preferring metropolis interruptions and long weekends. Terrorist onslaughts besides cause fluctuations in the market with people looking for safer finishs.


SWOT Analysis


The concern doctrine is non merely about doing money but emphasizes on educating and informing the public ( peculiarly immature people ) . On the tower ‘s paseos, there is a great position of London similar to the Millennium Wheel but non as detailed or exciting. Furthermore, on a positive note, this peculiar zone is free of congestion charge, which allows people to freely bask their journey over the span. Although the span is funded by the City of London council, it besides makes a sensible income by engaging the locale in the eventides for particular occasions.


Although it is an indoor attractive force with a big position of London, a visit to Tower Bridge depends on the conditions because the best sights are non ever available due to the fact of the unpredictable British clime, for case, on a rainy or cloud-covered twenty-four hours, the positions from the span can be really hapless and distorted which could ensue in unhappy clients. What is more, London is an all-year-round finish so major attractive forces are non seasonal. Due to the fact Britain has such unpredictable conditions, people normally carry dark glassess and umbrella because they ne’er know what the conditions can be like. This could hold a bad consequence and lead to a bad experience when coming to see Tower Bridge on an unpleasant twenty-four hours. First, the entryway to Tower Bridge Walkways is confounding for tourers who are unfamiliar with the country as there are no clear marks indicating in the right way. Besides, the journey to Tower Bridge is rather complicated if you have no cognition of its whereabouts and may acquire lost. In add-on, it is non prosaic friendly as there tends to be tonss of traffic and congestion upon come ining the span. Second, in my sentiment their chief web site is unappealing which does n’t assist to pull or involvement people into sing Tower Bridge. This evident failing and defect could hold a bad impact on tourers who have ne’er been to London, as the web sites layout and construction does non stand for or give Tower Bridge an acceptable position ( more life and coloring material in the artworks required to pull on-line involvement ) . On the other manus, their web site has easy entree to different links that besides caters to kids ‘s demands such as merriment battalions for kids ‘s find which is merriment every bit good as being educational at the same clip. Furthermore, to add to unfavorable judgment the historical edifice needs significant renovation to assist increase the volume of visitants. Although people are cognizant that it is a span, some people are afraid of highs and may experience insecure or in danger. Furthermore, although the lengths of the paseos are moderately drawn-out, it is rather narrow and may hold an affect on those who are claustrophobic. Security steps are paramount for one of the universes most celebrated tourer attractive force. When come ining the Tower there is a individual phase of security that visitants must go through through. Once their organic structure has been examined and their properties are cheque they are allowed to come in the paseo but it does n’t intend the security degree is up to criterions. Reportedly, there have been instances where people have entered the edifice so continuing through the security cheque in order to perpetrate self-destruction. Fortunately, this has non changed people ‘s positions to see the attractive force because any possible self-destruction incidents have been prevented. In world, when the span does hold a scheduled lift this consequences in a clasp up of traffic. It is found that “ An estimated 38,000 vehicles use the span each twenty-four hours, forcing it to capacity during extremum hours ” . This consequences in many holds for many people, who may make up one’s mind to take an alternate path to avoid the traffic waiting lines. Likewise, “ Extra traffic is expected to increase impact harm to the appendages which flex under traffic tonss. ” This could intend that traffic waiting lines are doing harm to the construction of the span, which may hold a long term affect on the span. What is more, it is said that “ these steps are expected to increase congestion either side if the span, adding to holds caused when it opens for transporting. Last twelvemonth Tower Bridge lifted 925 times ” . In my sentiment, was this necessary?


Global advertizement could perchance ensue in an addition in the volume of visitants as many aliens are incognizant of a span that opens and this may be an attractive characteristic to witness in individual. Possibly due to the recession peoples life styles are altering, instead than persons coming to the Tower Bridge they could prosecute in some publicity and vouchers like the “ two for the monetary value of one ” , “ kids of the age of under 12 spells in for free ” etc. Other attractive forces could work together with Tower Bridge instead than viing with them. They could provide for more linguistic communications by enhanced shows for abroad visitants such as Europeans and Asians. Provision of circuit ushers could be encouraged. Even though it is a self-guided exhibition they could offer a guided circuit within the ticket monetary value would promote more visitants and may heighten the quality of the experience. Additionally, they should supply sensible accommodation to ease for people who have disablements. Due to the fact of the economic crisis the value of the lb has decreased. This is good intelligence for the abroad visitants because of the currency exchange rates. In old ages to come the growing of touristry will increase despite the recession ; London will bring forth tourer gross from the 2012 Olympic games to be held in this metropolis. This will hike and surge the volume of visitants in the capital.



The biggest menace to Tower Bridge is any possible terrorist onslaught possibly of more concern is that there is no security cheque when traveling through the span and anyone is allowed to walk along the span. On the other manus, Tower Bridge is surrounded by a high degree of competition with other tourer attractive forces every bit celebrated like the Tower of London. In malice of the fact that other attractive forces complement each other it is possible that Tower Bridge will lose out due to the fact that it is less appealing. The economic downswing could hold an impact on people ‘s life styles and their fundss. Another manner of sing this is that the recession has changed our manner of life. Culturally and socially people may prefer making simple things like taking a walk in the park, alternatively of expensive holidaies. After all a big proportion of abroad visitants come to see the Tower Bridge. As a consequence this recession could hold an important consequence ensuing in a lessening of the figure of visitants. In decision, it could be said that the current service could go on unchanged. The built-in advantages of location, history and alone visual aspect will serve the attractive force good in the hereafter. However, betterments could besides be considered viz. a more attractive web site, cater for different linguistic communications, renovation of the paseos. The chief menaces for the hereafter are: economic downswing and limited attraction to a immature audience.



Working in Tower Bridge has taught me a figure of things about how tourist attractive forces operate in the market and what factors lead to an attractive forces success. Even though my clip at the Tower Bridge consisted of 400 hours work experience I still had to travel through the same processs as I would if I were using for a lasting occupation. I was interviewed by Andy Nicholson who gave me a just sum of information sing the history of span and what they offer to the populace. Even through the interview lasted over 3 hours it was really insightful and utile to me. I gained a batch of cognition about Tower Bridge and its milieus. When I started work it was the beginning of the Easter holidays. I did n’t acquire any preparation at first except on how to utilize a wireless. I was thrown in at the deep terminal for the first three yearss as I did n’t cognize much but I guess that is the best manner to larn. After a few yearss I was officially introduced to other members of staff and my official preparation started. The adjunct director gave me the right uniform as there are different 1s to have on for different places. I was given a full guided circuit and met all the security staff, the care section and human resources. I was shown all the exigency exits every bit good as all the other issues and where to run into if we had to be evacuated.

I was given a wireless with my ain personal designation which was “ unvarying 13 ” which enabled me to pass on with other members of staff via the radio.A After that I undertook three yearss of shadowing a full clip tour usher and I was besides given a large battalion of information about Tower Bridge. I learnt 4 different addresss plus aborts and general information of the history of London. A large plus point for me was that I was given the opportunity to acquire to cognize the milieus and I spent a twosome of yearss sing other tourist attractive forces such as the Tower of London, St Paul ‘s Cathedral and the Tate Modern gallery. I thought this was really helpful to me. After 1 hebdomad of shadowing and intensive reading I was eventually ready to work on my ain. My first place was to run the North lift which takes the clients to the high degree paseos and to give them instructions on what to make when they got up at that place. I did this a few times before seeking out the other functions and places. In entire there are 8 places, 1-3 are working in the lifts and the towers and the client service countries. The lone negative point about this facet of the occupation is that it can go really repetitive.

Position 4 and 5 involve working in the gift store next to the Victorian Engine Room. I was lucky to hold this experience and to be till trained. Working in the store has a batch of duties, non merely covering with money and supplying client service, throughout the twenty-four hours you ‘re on your ain and this can be rather nerve-racking. There are many responsibilities working at the store in the forenoon before opening up, you are required to make a figure of responsibilities: devising certain that there are adequate merchandises on the shelf and that these are neatly presented, cognizing what ‘s non available and what ‘s low on stock so it can be ordered in, hard currency up the money for the boulder clay etc. Working in the gift store can be pleasant but the lone hard issue that I faced was covering with several clients at the same clip. The gift store is rather a little and confined country and it is where clients exit from the Exhibition. InA some casesA an unsated client will utilize his clip in the gift store to vent his defeats and whoever is presently busying the store place is normally the 1 that is on the other terminal of the brunt of the client ‘s rage. In add-on to this, in most if non all the instances of a client who was non wholly happy with there visit and experience and demand a refund or if a proficient malfunction occurs to any of the penny imperativeness machines so it is at the gift store where all of the would be resolved.

Positions 6, 7 and 8 are what the company refers to as “ footfall temptation ” . These responsibilities are intensive and consist of you covering with clients at the forepart of the ticket office who are sing the Tower Bridge Exhibition or are merely walking base on balls every bit good as giving out general information about the span. I think the footfall place is a important function as it represents the Tower Bridge image and they are the first staff and port of contact to interact with the clients before they enter the exhibition. Throughout my work arrangement I have undertaken a just sum of footstep and my position upon it is that it can be rather gratifying. The lone downside is that the footstep is an all twelvemonth place which I think is unfortunate because Tower Bridge is on the river it can really blowy and during fall and winter it can be really cold. I did a few footsteps in April and even so it was highly cold for me to digest and for person to make this place you have to be mentally and physically strong. I do n’t believe people should hold to work 8 hours outdoors in such cold conditions most notably during winter times and I think they should utilize the footstep forces to travel onto the paseos to give negotiations about the span and have one at the gift store for aid as the store can acquire really busy and feverish at times.

After 200 hours I was given the chance to work at the Monument. My occupation function was to give out cusps to those who completed the 311 stairss and give brief negotiations about this celebrated landmark. I had a batch merriment working at that place because it was a more intimate scene than the span so you got to speak and prosecute more with your work co-workers. It besides meant that you couldA plunge yourself more in deepness with the visitants and inquire them more about their visit to the capital and how long they were meaning on remaining and where they were originally from. There is so much history written into the MonumentA which is intertwined with the Great Fire of London so for me to work at that place and to be a portion of it was a good experience which contributed to my enjoyment at that place.

In footings of organisation and construction there is much to alter and develop. What surprised me is that staffs do non truly work together and in some ways work in isolation from each other which seems inefficient and uneffective. There tends to be a spread and divide between the lasting staff who have been employed there for many old ages and the impermanent staff such as myself.




Overall working at Tower Bridge has been a good acquisition experience for me. Like any other occupation there will ever be positives and negatives but in some ways the work has provided some alone penetrations. I think Tower Bridge and the Monument are really successful tourer attractive forces for the grounds stated antecedently and there is no ground why it should non go on to thrive in the hereafter with the right investing and a civilization of uninterrupted betterment. Many people who work at Tower Bridge have provided old ages of dedicated service for a drawn-out period of clip. Tour ushers, ticket office, directors, security and care people have worked their for a long clip. A big proportion of them are 40 plus in age which is a alteration for me because it is the first clip I have come across a state of affairs like that. I think I have picked up some of their features and learnt a batch from their experiences of being at Tower Bridge.A On the whole I had a great experience and I would extremely urge it to other pupils who are interested in the tourer industry or those people who like history. Out of all the topographic points I have worked in antecedently I can candidly state that this was the most interesting occupation and function that I have of all time experienced. The bulk of the staff I built and formed a relationship with non merely as work co-workers but as friends outside working hours.A