There and essentially what the whole project

There are eight steps to the
Scientific method and each step should be exercised to provide sufficient and accurate
results. The first step is to choose a topic; this obviously differs depending
on what is trying to be accomplished or observed. This topic is the central
idea of the next step, which is to develop a research question, this question is
what will hopefully be solved at the end of this research project, and essentially
what the whole project is revolved around. The next step in the Scientific
method is reviewing previous research, which is likely to contain other
information with references or citations in which others have done a similar or
the same research project. Making observations is crucial to discover lapses or
errors in either their work or the research currently being done this is very
beneficial in every step of the future research. Using these observations from
the previous research will benefit the formulating of a hypothesis, which is
the next step in this research process. This hypothesis is what will help
formulate more questions as the research continues. It is an educated guess to
possibly answer the question of the topic chosen. Using all of the information
that has already been found, will help decide the appropriate research method
to employ.

There two different research
methods that can be used, there is Qualitative research and there is
Quantitative research. Qualitative research is used to Qualitative research is
used to make sense of reasons, opinions, and impulsions. It is an exploratory type
of research that provides understanding into the problem or develops concepts
or hypothesizes. “Qualitative data collection methods vary using unstructured
or semi-structured techniques” (DeFranzo).  Common methods include focus groups,
individual interviews, and participation/observations. It can discover trends
and help to establish more about the problem. Quantitative research is used to
produce numerical data or data that can be used as statistics. It develops
facts and is more structured than Qualitative research; this research is used
to evaluate behaviors, opinions, and other designated variables. “Quantitative
Research uses measurable data to formulate facts and uncover patterns in
research” (DeFranzo). This approach includes many different forms surveys such
as online surveys, face- to- face interviews, online polls, paper surveys,
kiosk surveys, longitudinal studies, systematic observations, etc. 

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