This and purpose connected to the educational

This study is anchored on the concept that
through extracurricular involvement, it influences students’ experience a sense
of meaning and purpose connected to the educational process, which increases
their sense of commitment to the school (Marsh, 1992). Extracurricular such as
campus journalism extents the academic achievement of the student, and its
learning process.

            Students plays an important role to
journalism, as well as campus journalism to the students (Holland & Andre,
1987). When one considers the large number of activities available, one
realizes the diversity of the programs. Included are athletics, publications,
student government, fine arts, academic clubs, service organizations, and
special interest activities. There has been a considerable amount of research
devoted to studying the relationship between student involvement in activities
and student academic achievement. Although a positive correlation has been
shown in many of these studies, there is still a fierce battle among educators
concerning the need for extracurricular activities.

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            Research in the U.S. has shown that
extracurricular activities at the high school level have proven beneficial for
students (Becker, et. Al., 2007). While the benefit depends on the type of
activity, the research has shown that the benefits are both short-term and
long-lasting. One type of extracurricular activity common in U.S. high schools
is production of a student newspaper, involvement with student radio and
television, and production of a yearbook. Existing studies on the effects of
these communication extracurricular activities support the idea that they have
positive effects on student academic performance. Throughout high school and
into college, students who participated in journalism activities have been
shown to score higher in reading and comprehension.

            Thus, this study shows the different
variables to investigate. It shows that independent
variables are influence of extracurricular to develop students’ skills such as
leadership, self-discipline, self-confidence, handling competitive situation.
These independent variables will study further to know its influence on the
academic achievement of students in Imasugong National High School.   On the other side is the dependent variables
which is the academic achievement of student campus journalist.