This and real. Members of Pixar traveled

This past Thanksgiving holiday, Walt Disney Pictures released their newest animated film, “Coco”, produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The motion picture follows a young, 12-year-old boy named Miguel Rivera, living in Mexico during the holiday, The Day of the Dead. While struggling with his family’s disapproval of his dream of being a musician, he finds himself unexpectedly transported into the land of the dead, where all of his deceased ancestors reside. As Miguel and his family work together to help him return home, he learns the secrets and history of his family, which then help him better understand both his family and himself.Pixar is well known for its ability to bring out every emotion possible in its audience. It would not be a Pixar film without moments of joy and laughter paired with heartbreak and tragedy, which inevitably leads to tears. Every film is also known for having such mind-blowing plot twists, and “Coco” is no exception. The emotional journey Miguel experiences is one where he learns about the stories of his ancestors and how music has been connected to it all.”Coco” has not only made a statement as a cinematic showpiece, but it has sparked a conversation surrounding today’s tense climate regarding the Mexican culture. With this in mind, Pixar worked hard to make their representation of the culture nothing but positive and real. Members of Pixar traveled to Mexico to make sure they could create the film to be as authentic as possible. The movie first premiered in Mexico at the Morelia International Film Festival on October 20th, receiving praise for portraying why a correct representation is important in our society.As many would assume, the film has sparked some controversy, too. This past year American politics have been filled with heated conversation surrounding Mexican Americans, DACA, and immigration policies. While this film did take seven years to create, its release year is ironic. But the Pixar team, as well as everyone involved with the film, believe that it can bring people one step closer to being able to respect and admire those who may be different than us. One voice actor from the film, Edward James Olmos, said, “That’s why I’m so grateful – six years ago, you didn’t know we’d be, politically, the shape that we’re in, nobody did, nobody knew that Mexicans were gonna be treated like they have been treated over the last year. Nobody. People are going to say ‘Thank you’ to the Mexican culture for introducing them to a value they did not know anything about”. He also addressed the creators of the film saying,”You have no idea what you’ve done. You won’t know for like 15 or 20 years. It’s going to take that long to resonate around the planet and to take hold like art does to people in their subconscious mind.”While there may be mixed opinions on the film, its success in the box office only shows the support it is receiving. The film has remained at number 1 in its first three weeks in theaters and continues to make record-breaking sales as time continues.