This cables to my non-wireless router. I

This module introduced computer
networks and some benefits of using networks. For this assignment, we’ve been
asked to create a peer to peer network consisting of a network based printer. My
network has been developed for a small business room platform with Verizon. The
program I used to create my network diagram is called gliffy. Gliffy is a very
user-friendly interface that provides simple diagrams to create your own
depicted images.


I linked up 6 desktop computers, a
network printer, and a wireless router in a star topology. Since the business
is using these computers for telemarketing, I went through a basic computer
setup. I also wanted to make sure the employees could keep access to their
phone networks, so I installed a wireless router to allow for that. To make
this possible, it begins with an ISP access from an internet provider. After I
am allotted access to the internet, I can begin to route my internet service
for Verizon.

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            I then
installed a modem to the internet with a coaxial cable and started to route my
internet. I began first installing my non-wireless router to my modem with an
Ethernet cable. I routed 6 nodes with Ethernet cables to my non-wireless
router. I have my wireless router hooked up for internet connection. The
internet connection is via Hargray internet cable. 


            There are
many benefits to being connected to a network. This companies’ benefit to be on
a network would be to save cost. Using a network allows users to communicate
with other nodes while sharing resources such as printers and storage space. No
single computer in this system is occupying higher privileges than the other
this results in our system being labeled as a peer to peer network.