This example of malware is a spyware

This research is about malwares. The researchers choose this topic because it is beneficial for people who use personal computer in every matter, and because they all know that malwares are serious threat for the computer, they can ruin important files or access his/her privacy. And lastly, they choose this topic in order to increase the awareness and knowledge of the people about this malware especially for those people who are using computer and having difficulties when encountering malware.Furthermore, they want to know more about malwares, on how they work, the distribution and the perquisite of it. Also, the defensive techniques to use in order to remove the malware without ruining or damaging files. They want to improve their prior knowledge about the different ways of eliminating the computer viruses. In order to widen their skills and apply it in their daily lives in the near future. It can also help the computer users to defeat malwares in no time. In order to provide and promote safety and precautions towards computer viruses and its threat in order to lessen the harm or seriuos threat for everyone.Furthermore, according to Adam Baratz, if a computer is connected with other devices on a network it can potentially be at risk. Documents and files that are stored in that computer can be exposed to anyone who wants to access them especially if there is no security installed on that particular device. Computer viruses or malwares have been in existence long before the modern Internet came about. One of the outbreaks of virus activity was caused by mistake in the late 1980’s. There are some types of malwares that can affect the computer. Malware, is an abbreviated term that stands for malicious software. The main purpose of malware is to spy someone’s privacy or damage a computer device. Malware can also include things like cookies, which will allow someone to monitor internet activity. An example of malware is a spyware that performs  the same kind of activity. Next type of malware is an adware it works as a pop-up advertisement and the risk of it is that, it can be used to track activity on a computer. Another malware is called “bots” this program allows the hacker to control a computer from a location in order to disperse malware.Getting hacked on computer malwares is a computer user’s nightmare, and all devices are prone  to being hacked and can be used to collect information about the user. These are the reasons why computer users are concious about computer viruses because they are being threatened with the capacities of malware. Also accoding to David Trifiro’s article of “How to Avoid a Computer Virus,” in 2013 states that, visiting some websites can be a way to be hacked, downloading illegal content can cause some damage because some of these are malwares that can easily penetrate into their computer once it is run, clicking unknown links in email, because some of these are a message that is not wanted and not keeping virus or malware scanner updated can lead you in a serious damage and can easily destroy files.According to Asia Pacific Security Intelligence Report (SIR) Philippines is the rank 8th that is prone to malwares because people in their country thought that every file in the internet are genuine so they unintentionally downloading malicious files on the websites. According to Alfred Bayle because of carelessness in surfing the internet, it increases the variety and severity of attacks and those who made the virus will now given the chance of doing financial stealing and crime and to obtain personal and confidential records. This can also lead to serius crime that can ruin a person’s personality.Moreover, securing personal computer against malware can be the most important and convinient thing to do before anything else. Because without knowing, these malwares can easily delete data without the user’s consent once it infects the computer. Data loss can be prevented by updating operation system because this system increases their protection against malwares, installing antivirus and keeping it up to date. Based from the article of Milton Kazmeyer’s ” Damage from a Malware Intrusion”, hackers can also use some malwares to gain private information that may cause financial loss. Thats is why he also said that in order to prevent future problems with this malware the user must be careful and alert with the links from the attachments  of the downloaded file, because most malwares are coming from things that are being downloaded on the internet and from emails.Similarly, there are some signs that the computer is infected by these malwares and according to Ioana Rijnetu, if their computer runs slowly and it takes longer than the usual starting time it takes then, something is wrong. Also, if there are some advertisements that are opening on the computer’s screen, is again one of the sign of these malwares. Then lastly, if when they are using some apps and then suddenly it freezes and a blue screen shows up, if there are some unfamiliar icons in their desktop and if sometimes they see some error messages when they start clicking some apps.However, in order to avoid these, they should know first about this malware and the ways of eliminating it, so that they can assure that this threat can’t cost more damage. They can prevent malwares from infecting the computer from installing anti-virus, securing their network, keeping their personal information safe and backing some files on the computer. 7This study deals with the problem of analyzing malware, providing ways how to get rid these malwares, improving their prior knowledge. The study is all about on dispersion, perquisite and operation of malwares on computer, because this study wants to explore more and to find an appropriate conclusion. The researchers aim to give knowledge and awareness to the people who use gadgets especially computers, that encounter may encounter these malwares and give guides on how they can prevent or lessen the risk of the security of their computers.