To much impressed at how he could

To whom it may concern

As the chairman of
the department of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering at Jahangirnagar
University it is my pleasure to recommend Sushanta Ratna for admission in MS in
Biology at Missouri State University. I know him as a diligent student of the
department since 2014. I was the coordinator of Entrepreneurship in
Biotechnology course during his final year of Bachelor program. He is also very
hard working and has a very sharp mind. He always performed well in group
projects. He was enthusiastic and helpful to his group members. He also scored
well in theoretical portions of all the coursework. Sushanta was class
representative during 4th year and I was very much impressed at how
he could precisely communicate with teachers.

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During the lab
work, he has acquired the knowledge and practical skills on cell and tissue
culture techniques, DNA and RNA isolation, PCR, centrifuge, autoclave, gel
electrophoresis, chromatography and ELISA. During lab class, he and his team
were instructed to reproduce a carbonate apatite nanoparticle for anticancer
drug delivery-a nanoparticle designed by me for the same purpose. (Hossain S.,
Akaike T et al. Journal of Controlled Release, 2013). He also successfully
completed short course on protein purification which included techniques
affinity chromatography and SDS PAGE of virus like particle. 

 I believe, if he gets a proper chance and
suitable academic environment he would surely become an expert in the areas of
advance Biological Sciences which will be very much helpful for further
research and development of our country based on his contribution. Please do
not hesitate to contact me for any further information regarding his
candidature. I wish him every success in life.




Sharif Hossain, PhD

and Associate Professor

of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

University,Savar, Dhaka 1342, Bangladesh.

[email protected], [email protected]

+8801758832428, Website: