To Test (MCAT) in order to apply



To help me become a
surgeon I should 

take plenty of challenging math and science courses all
through high school, including AP courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and
calculus. Build communication skills in English composition, speech, and drama
classes. Sign up for psychology to learn about human nature and explore the
mind-body connection.Volunteer at a health clinic, hospital, women’s clinic, or
elder care facility.Surgery generally requires the most intensive preparation
of all medical specialties. Before surgeons are qualified to operate, they must
meet a set of challenging education requirements. These generally include four
years of undergraduate study, four years of medical school leading to a Doctor
of Medicine (M.D.) degree, and three to eight years of surgical residency at a

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Surgeons typically start out by
enrolling in a university or college with a strong pre-medical program and by
choosing a major related to medicine, such as biology, physics, or chemistry.

After earning a bachelor’s degree, they must pass the Medical College Admission
Test (MCAT) in order to apply to medical school.

During medical school, students
must gain an even greater mastery of subjects taken at the undergraduate level.

These include anatomy, microbiology, biochemistry, physiology, pathology,
psychology, ethics, and medical law, among others. Programs also require
students to go through rotations, where they learn the basics of patient care
across a variety of specialties.

Upon graduating from medical
school, aspiring surgeons must earn an M.D. and become licensed before they can
begin their residency. Residencies function as salaried training and allow
students to begin specializing. Those interested in surgery work under the
supervision of other experienced surgeons. There are many colleges I can attend
for this field the one im most interested in is wilmington university. Im most
interested in this college because they have plenty to offer and Ive heard that
a lot of successful surgeons have graduated from there and its close to home so
why not attend there and try to becan to move forward in my new career.