Transactional Analysis Sample Essay

Transactional Analysis is a theory to understand human behaviour through constructs which have been taken from psychological science and psychotherapeutics. This method helps in understanding and to some extent – foretelling how people behave in different state of affairss. Transaction analysis was developed by Eric Berne during 1950’s and was made celebrated by his book – “Games People Play” . This theory was further developed by Dr. Thomas Harris in his book – “I am OK. You’re Ok” in late 1960’s.

What is Transaction Analysis?
Transactional Analysis explains that people live in three ego-states – 1. Parent – In this province – the individual is acting in response to their apprehension and memories of their parents and how they acted. Thus – the individual is either fostering or critical and in both the instances – the individual believes and behaves as person who is commanding or seeking to command the other individual. 2. Child – In this province – the individual behaves and thinks likewise to what he/she did in childhood. Therefore – the individual reacts emotionally to state of affairss and attempts to happen comfort in a parent. 3. Adult – this is a emotion-less province – where the individual is objectively looking at the state of affairs and reacts to it based on world and adulthood. These ego-states are non the representative of the age. place or relationship of any individual. In fact – the same individual – in different state of affairss and with different people – may acquire into different ego-states. E. g. a individual – who behaves as a parent in place to his kid. may act as a grownup at a workplace or a kid in forepart of his higher-ups. Similarly – a little kid may act in the parent ego-state in forepart of other kids. It is of import to name the ego-state of a individual at any given clip.

Analysis of ego-state and Minutess –
TA theory uses the apprehension of these ego-states to analyse how a individual may act in specific minutess. There are 4 types of analysis that are performed – 1. Structural Analysis
2. Transactional Analysis
3. Bet on analysis
4. Script Analysis
Minutess are psychological flow of communicating between 2 or more people. Minutess between 2 or more people can take following types – 1. Complementary – when a individual in one province transacts with a individual in complementing province ( e. g. 2-way communicating between Parent – to – Child. Adult – to – Adult etc ) – the responses of such dealing are as expected and communicating continues 2. Crossed – when a individual in one province transacts with another in conflicting province ( e. g. one manner communicating between parent – to –child ) – response to such minutess consequences in struggles and communicating breakdown Minutess are besides loaded with subterranean motivations which are expressed through non-verbal mediums ( e. g. facial looks. organic structure linguistic communication ) . This is disguised communicating and can frequently affect different ego-states exhibited by the same individual. It is of import to understand these motivations and how people respond to them. in order to make complete analysis of minutess. Life Positions and Strokes –

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As a consequence of the ego-states. people live in different life places – 1. I’m Not OK – You’re Ok
2. I’m OK – You’re Not Ok
3. I’m Not OK – You’re Not Ok
4. I’m OK – You’re Ok
These places are developed in early childhood and are shaped by the experiences of the individual as he/she grows. The fourth place is ideal and is the end of TA Strokes are acknowledgment. attending or response that one individual gives to another. Depending on the ego-state and life place of the individual. the individual may necessitate and seek different shots from other people. The shots are of 3 types – 1. Positive Strokes – e. g. congratulations. complement. fondness 2. Negative Strokes – unfavorable judgment. debasement. roasting 3. Conditional Strokes – with subterranean motivations and depending on status

Application of Transaction Analysis –
Transactional analysis plays important functions in assorted Fieldss which require apprehension and analysis of human behaviour. Key such Fieldss are – Psychotherapy. guidance. Educational and organisations. TA is a powerful tool for supplying guidance and healing in the field of psychopathology. TA is besides every bit powerful tool in instruction for using rules of psychological science into mundane pattern. However. for the intent of this essay – we will look at the function that TA plays in understanding human behaviour and people interactions at work topographic point. For being effectual communicator and leader – it’s of import to understand the ego-state of the other people and supply the right shots depending on the same. The key is to maintain most of the minutess at Adult to Adult degree. thereby avoiding acquiring emotions into the interactions. TA works as a tool for Managers/employees to increase the motive of themselves/their squads. to halt go throughing the vaulting horse and integrated corporate values in their lives. This is possible if they are in the Adult ego-state in most the minutess at the work topographic point. The end for TA will be

Fourth Para – Explanation of places – I am All right – You are All right – 8-10 lines

Fifth Para – Explanation of Transactions – shots – 4-5 lines

Sixth Para – Utility of TA in HR – 10-12 lines

Decision and Drumhead – 4-5 lines