Trayvon Martin: When Will the True Story Be Revealed? Sample Essay

Peoples ne’er want to cognize about calamity when it happens. particularly when it relates to black young person in America. The ill-famed Trayvon Martin narrative down in Florida drew monolithic attending. animating the type of contention around the state that helped do “racial profiling” and “stop-and-frisk” family phrases. Florida’s “stand your ground” jurisprudence has been used as a defence in many instances where unarmed people were shot and killed by scared taws who feared for their personal safety. However. surveies are now demoing that this jurisprudence is being used disproportionately against minority young persons who are preponderantly black and Latino in ethnicity. In this peculiar instance. Martin was a seventeen-year-old black male walking place from a convenience shop situated near a gated community in Sanford. Florida. George Zimmerman. a neighborhood crime-watch voluntary of assorted white-and-Hispanic heritage. shooting and killed immature Martin. This unfortunate act was committed by Zimmerman as a direct consequence of racial profiling ; he stated to patrol that Trayvon looked leery because of his outsize hooded sweatshirt worn over his colored skin color.

It is a sad testament to the day-to-day life of some Americans who are stereotyped because of what they look similar. as opposed to the content of their character. Many lessons can be learned from the Trayvon Martin instance. One is that clearly. immature black work forces merely can non have on what they want to have on. Otherwise. they are in danger of frightening white people and being murdered in cold blood. Another lesson is that the media. like it or non. is traveling to describe on whatever they want. regardless of what the existent truth may be. Finally. and possibly most significantly. constabulary officers are free to profile whenever and whomever they please. regardless of bureau process. These lessons may non be the most politically-correct. but the world of the affair is that they are wholly true. Young black males are non safe in America today. because the colour of their tegument and the alone vesture manner they choose to have on seems to scare and dismay some people – particularly jurisprudence enforcement and other security forces in American communities. This mindless incident affecting the decease of Trayvon Martin merely serve as reminders to the remainder of us what black and Latino people live with every twenty-four hours — that racial profiling is a existent thing. and it is aimed straight at them.

Anyone walking in a suburban country who is black or Latino already knows they could and likely will go victims of profiling by jurisprudence enforcement at some point. Everybody has heard of or experienced the scenario of the black adolescent walking down the street. earphones in his ears. to the full engaged in his music. have oning a gym bag across his thorax. walking on a dark dark when a adult female nearing him on the same side of the street. believing to herself: I should likely traverse the street now. Would a adolescent white male child. acquire the same reaction? Because Trayvon was a brown-skinned child walking in a nice country of town. Zimmerman assumed he did non belong at that place and so Trayvon was targeted. A black adolescent in a hoodie transporting nil in his custodies except a confect saloon and a sodium carbonate is seemingly endangering to some people. And it seems to be the instance that many of these threatened people are walking around transporting pieces. Why is that? Criminals do non perpetrate offenses bearing confect bars and sodium carbonate tins – that is a fact.

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When a black adult male enters a shop have oning loose-fitting sweat pantss and a hoodie. employees seldom take their eyes off him. A white adult male dressed the exact same manner will be left entirely. unless of class they give an employee a ground to gaze. So my point being made once more is. profiling goes on everyday in a immature black male’s universe and same went for Trayvon’s every bit good. Peoples of colour were being profiled long earlier Trayvon took that concluding walk place on that fatal dark. but this instance has brought the issue to the head of the national media. Another issue refering profiling and jurisprudence enforcement is the stop-and-frisk and the NYPD. Up in New York. black people acquiring shot by “cops” is nil new. In 2011. the Wall Street Journal online reported that “New York City constabularies officers stopped and questioned 684. 330 people last twelvemonth. a record figure since the section started bring forthing annual runs of the tactic” ( Gardiner. 2012 ) .

In fact. the stop-and-frisk contention seems to hold coincided with the Trayvon Martin dirt. Possibly all these incidents are symbolic of a cultural defect in America. or maybe it is a human phenomenon that we can ne’er to the full comprehend. The media is considered biased by conservativists towards the broad left. If that was true so that same colored media would hold reported the full Trayvon Martin narrative in a factual manner. alternatively of acquiring involved with the narrative and even determining the narrative as it unfolded. The Miami Herald narrative of May 26. 2012 provinces that: A reappraisal of the testimony of informants to the Feb. 26 violent death shows several of them modified their histories or grew disbelieving of their ain callback after hebdomads of heavy intelligence coverage that included Marches across the state demanding Zimmerman’s apprehension. Several said they reshaped their narratives because of what they learned on Television ( Robles. 2012 ) .

Typically. a just and balanced media will seek to remain as far off from going portion of the narrative as possible. Here though. this was seemingly non the instance. The media is ever seeking to do a narrative sexy. with as many explosive headlines as possible. As the Trayvon Martin instance unfolded. newsmans seemed to travel beyond their usual doubtful moralss and insert themselves right into the centre of the narrative. That is non good news media ; any news media instructor will state you that. When informants in a nationally-infamous instance are altering their narratives over and over once more. one hesitates to believe what one reads. The takeout is that the media will describe on whatever it wants to. with small respect to factual truth or moralss. Finally. one can non assist but inquire how the narrative would hold played out had the victim been a light-haired white male child shot down by a black security guard. Possibly the Law enforcement officers. or anybody put in charge of keeping public safety. should non experience comfy profiling people based on race or ethnicity.

America is a topographic point where eventually. after 100s of old ages of captivity. people from any race or civilization can work the “land of the free. ” to the full able to claim their small piece of the stone. Each person is free to do the pick to be a jurisprudence staying citizen. The jurisprudence is non in topographic point to be taken for granted ; George Zimmerman took the jurisprudence into his ain custodies when he chose to gun down Trayvon Martin. The “stand your ground” jurisprudence may salvage him as it has saved so many other foolhardy persons. but the Torahs of work forces will non salvage work forces from their ultimate judgement. Law enforcement officers have even more leeway with utilizing deathly force. and when an agency-issued piece is discharged. it better be for a good ground. When the ground is that a group of officers merely panic when an unarmed black adult male reaches for his billfold and designation. as was the instance with Amidou Diallo in Brooklyn. that is merely non good plenty. 41 shootings pumped into an guiltless adult male is ground adequate to set Torahs in topographic point that punish such behavior decently and fleetly.

A teenage male child acquiring his life snatched off from him is ground adequate to forestall the George Zimmermans of the universe from acquiring a 2nd opportunity at working in security and public safety. Persons who take justness into their ain custodies and so claim they were merely “standing their ground” is merely a bull out. truly. In a unconscious minute of fright and confusion. like despairing soldiers without a war of their ain. they did what they instinctually felt was justified. for a disconnected second. The reverberations need to be looked at. nevertheless. and unless it turns out the facts in the narrative show otherwise. a adult male needs to confront up to what he does during a offense of passion. Legally talking. that is up to the tribunals. Ultimately they will cover with such great duty in the manner that they will. Everyone else. nevertheless. in the intelligence media and in the vicinities of America. ”Home of the Free. ” will hold to cover with and finally reply for their instinctual frights. Whether it is a racial one or any other sort of fright that affects the remainder of us. human existences should truly get down to cover with the fury indoors when something like the Trayvon Martin instance happens. If we don’t. we merely pass clip until the following 1 happens.


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