True Love Essay

This explores the subject ‘True Love’ in relation to the texts of E. E. Cummings’ verse form. “Somewhere I Have Never Travelled” ( 621-2 ) and Wislawa Szymborska’s verse form. “True Love” ( p. thirty ) . Here. Cummings’ verse form explores the symbolisms of true love. Meanwhile. Szymborska’s poem explores its kernel. Finally. this will reason why true love is both symbolic and indispensable.

Why is true love abstract and indefinite. yet when a individual feels it. that individual knows it is true love but fail to specify its really nature? To supply an reply to that inquiry and try a definition of true love. this will research two verse forms from two poets with two different poetic manners. One poet is Cummings’ who conveys poetic thoughts in an abstract. symbolic mode. Another is Szymborska who tells a verse form in a rhetorical mode and uses sarcasm to emphasize the topic’s importance.

True love is a sweet feeling that is felt without bounds. It is indefinite because when person feels it for the first clip. the feelings have no mention point for a lover to compare it from. Furthermore. when person feels it for the first clip. it is extremely improbable that a 2nd true love will come once more. For case. Cummingss notes that: “somewhere Is have ne’er travelled. lief beyond any experience …” ( p. 621 ) .

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Here. Cummings is glad. which is of course a sweet feeling. and that gladfulness is “beyond any experience” which make it indefinite. abstract and without bounds. Person who has ne’er felt true love before and feels it for the first clip would be like person who says: “somewhere I have ne’er traveled” which indicates a person’s rawness with the sweet feeling. Most significantly. Cummings attractively writes that:

nil which we are to comprehend in this universe peers

the power of your intense breakability: whose texture

compels me with the colour of its states.

rendering decease and everlastingly with each external respiration ( p. 621 )

Note that the above stanza from Cummings’ poem easy explains why person who feels true love for the first clip. is extremely improbable to see a 2nd true love. “… decease and everlastingly …” appear to demo why true love is a erstwhile feeling that can non be duplicated in a person’s life-time. Furthermore. note that Cummings’ verse form consists of five stanzas with four poetic lines for each stanza and the verse form does non hold a period. Not even one. This is symbolic. It creates an consequence that makes the poem appear to hold no stoping. More so. the verse form has 11 commas. two colons. two semi-colons and two parentheses. This form is implicative of a long. ageless travel. Most significantly all ‘I” and ‘YOU’ are non capitalized. Cumming’s wrote all these in little or baby letters.

These babe letters signify the usual qualities of babes. Babies suggest emotions. infirmity. fragileness and little custodies. Hence. when person feels true love. a individual becomes vulnerable. frail. fragile. and about helpless like a babe. In this respect. the symbolisms of true love can be listed as: a ) it is a sweet feeling ; B ) it is abstract and felt without bounds ; degree Celsiuss ) it is indefinite ; vitamin D ) people merely feel true love one time because once it is felt for person. that experiencing corsets everlastingly therefore. it is unending or ageless ; and eventually. vitamin E ) it makes one vulnerable or helpless.

True love may look fiddling or unimportant due to the weakness of the individual who feels it. True love has several negative intensions that society appears to detest. Here. Wislawa Szymborska presents true love as a rare solution to the world’s jobs rather persuasively. However. Szymborska’s mode of presentation is alone. Szymborska carefully shows the bad qualities of true love through lead in inquiries. from the weakest to the strongest. to excite the reader into believing that the statements are flawed or incorrect until the reader realizes Szymborska’s intent at the terminal of the verse form.

Basically. this verse form has seven uneven stanzas. 12 inquiries. and provides five replies. It explores true love as a construct through the usage of many illustrations that touch on the positions of society against two individuals who genuinely loved one another. For case in the first stanza. the verse form asks what the universe can acquire from two people who are genuinely in loved with each other so replies in the 2nd stanza. “For nothing” ( p. thirty ) .

The verse form so continues to asseverate that true love cholers justness and challenges established rules. to cite: “Doesn’t this indignation justness? Yes it does. Doesn’t it interrupt our fastidiously erected rules. and cast the moral from the extremum? Yes on both accounts” ( p. thirty ) . Near the terminal. the verse form presents an thought that appears to be earnestly incorrect. yet moderately right about kids being made out of other grounds besides true love. Finally. the statement about true love being rare made the strongest point that if merely people genuinely loved each other. they would non detest other people who genuinely loved each other. Note Szymborska’s coda:

True love. Is it truly necessary?

Tact and common sense tell us to go through over it in silence.

like a dirt in Life’s highest circles.

Absolutely good kids are born without its aid.

It couldn’t dwell the planet in a million old ages.

it comes along so seldom.

Let the people who ne’er find true love

maintain stating that there’s no such thing.

Their religion will do it easier for them to populate and decease. ( p. thirty )

Here. Cummingss showed true love’s symbolisms while Szymborska showed its kernel. From the verse forms of these two poets. it can be discerned why true love is both symbolic and indispensable. Conclusively. true love is symbolic because it is abstract and indefinite. When a individual feels it. that individual knows it is true love but fail to specify its really nature. Most significantly. true love may look fiddling or unimportant due to the weakness of the individual who feels it and the feeling is besides rare. However. if everybody felt true love all at the same clip. true love becomes a fantastic solution to most of the world’s jobs. In this respect. true love becomes indispensable.

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