Uob Manufacture Produces General Engineering Products Computer Science Essay

UoB Manufacture produces general technology merchandises with three major sections like direction, finance and Technical. UoB industry communications between these sections are done by the IT web substructure, which has the old and traditional communicating with low degree security. Concern about the security, IT services section put forwarded a proposal to do web substructure more security utilizing encoding protocols. This class work gives a inside informations information about the proposed encoding protocols and besides provides cardinal characteristics of the encoding protocols

This class work provides a study on increasing of security degree within web substructure in UoB Manufacturing. UoB Manufacturing has different section, that holds and reassigning sensitive and confidential informations across the web. UoB fabrication has weak security criterions, where hacker and interlopers can easy come in in the web and can to do serious issues to the company. This class work provides an overview of the menaces that can be used to assail the present web substructure by hackers or interlopers, how to do secure web substructure utilizing encoding protocols and cardinal factor of encoding protocols. In this class work, two different sections and its two different ways of communicating will be analysed, and besides discourse about the cardinal characteristics of encoding protocols used in the section.

MD5 algorithm is Encryption algorithm that to be used in web substructure. This class work provides an overview about the MD5 algorithm and its characteristics and protocols that support MD5 algorithm. UoB industry has three chief sections that handle the whole company through web communicating ; the two different manner of communicating that to be analysis are wireless communicating in the quality direction in first floor and waiter communicating in the land floor. The below class work will discourse the algorithm and two web section.

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Encoding Algorithm is a procedure of change overing a field text into cypher text with mathematical techniques, which can be convert once more plain text by change by reversaling the procedure. There are two type of encoding they are symmetric and asymmetric encoding algorithm. Symmetric encoding usage individual key for both encoding and decoding and asymmetric key use one key for encoding and another key for decoding. There are some cardinal factors to take an encoding protocols like assurance and compatibility

Confident: is to cognize that how information has been encrypted and in the right manner

Compatibility: is to cognize that how informations can code and decode across the web.

The proposed MD5 encoding algorithm for Network substructure will fulfill the cardinal standards for encoding protocols. The undermentioned class work will discourse the characteristics of MD5 algorithm


MD5 Algorithm was developed by Professor Ron Rivest, one of the laminitiss and developer of RSA security ( Bruce Byfield, 2001 ) . MD5 algorithm is an updated version of MD4 algorithm, where MD5 algorithm takes any length of input and generates 128 spot length of end product which is called as a finger-print or message digest. The characteristics of MD5 algorithm is run quicker in 32 spot computing machine and does non necessitate a broad tabular array for encoding algorithm. MD5 provides a high security than the MD4 algorithm. MD5 algorithm is chiefly designed for web standard message hallmark.


There are protocols utilizing MD5 algorithm for coding the informations while reassigning from one node to another. The protocols like EAP Extensible Authentication Protocol usage MD5 algorithm for encoding of informations. EAP is one of the model protocols for hallmark where it is used in hallmark in dial-up, VPN and LAN Local Area Network ( LAN ) . There are there authentication methods used in the EAP protocols they are MD5-Challenge, OTP and GTC. MD5-CHAP ( Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol ) is another protocol which use MD5 algorithm for value computation for both device in the hallmark procedure.


Clients get successful connexion to the waiter after hallmark of all three methods in EAP protocols. First client send individuality to server, server answer with challenge like OTP so client answer with Nak respond eventually MD5 challenge petition will be send by the waiter to work out a cypher text with its client key. If the text get encrypted so client acquire successful connexion from the waiter if non the petition will be rejected by the waiter. Below diagram show the hallmark method of a waiter and client.

Figure 1.0 Authentication

In CHEP protocols MD5 algorithm checks the response send by the client with its ain computation. The connexion will be established between client and waiter when successful computation cheques.


In this class work, two web countries have been taken for discuss after implement of MD5 algorithm. These two webs have two different communicating techniques wired and radio. The first web site situated in first floor, it has wireless web as a medium of communicating. Wireless communicating medium is one of the all right beginnings for choping methods unless it has high secured protocols. There are batch of protocols available for radio communicating which has different manner of hallmark methods and encoding criterions. Attack like package sniffer, adult male in the in-between, war drive and other can be perform with hebdomad radio puting. There are hebdomad hallmark protocols like WEP, WAP and WEP-PSK uses a simple encoding criterion, where it can be cracked by simple package like Aircrack, Brute force onslaught tool and other ( Jon Erikson, 2003 ) . The encoding protocols discussed above like EAP and CHEP protocols are utilizing different type of hallmark methods with high criterions of MD5 encoding algorithm. MD5 algorithm uses 128 spot length of cardinal for encoding of package that is reassigning from waiter to the client. This sort of encoding protocols can forestall the web from the hackers and interlopers.

Figure 2.0 Wireless Communications in First Floor

The 2nd web section in the UoB industry is wired server communicating. There are two waiters that are attached to the CNC Machinery, where the designs are transportation from the waiter to the Machinery.

Figure 3.0 Wired Communicationss from the Server

These two waiter are reassigning sensitive informations to the machinery, there are possibility of onslaughts like DNS Mapping, MAC Address Mapping and Attack against TCP/IP ( Qijun Gu ) . There are protocols like AAA ( Authentication, Authorization and Accounting ) that can be used for unafraid hallmark and mandate. AAA protocols merely allow authorized user to entree the waiter, the function of MD5 algorithm techniques allow the user to entree merely when the value provided by the user lucifers with the waiter MD5 algorithm. After successful connexion between the user and the waiter the package are encrypted by the MD5 encoding algorithm. There are many hallmark protocols that can let the unauthorized user to entree the waiter with hebdomad hallmark and mandate methods.

This type of vulnerable hallmark can be replaced with the strong hallmark methods with strong encoding algorithm like MD5.


Vulnerability in the web will convey serious causes to the whole web substructure in a company ; it can be stopped by the updating security techniques. Encryption Algorithm like MD5 and the protocols used for unafraid hallmark and mandate can halt the unauthorized user entree and transferring of confidential informations across web. In decision with the study, the web supervisor has given the best security option that provides high criterion of encoding with MD5 algorithm.