Violent Movies Essay

24 September 2012 To my friend: I read in a news article the other day that the legislature is considering to pass a law to where we wouldn’t be able to watch any violent movies from the hours of 5:00 a. m. and 10:00 p. m. What is the legislature really thinking, that is all day, 5 am to 10 pm. Okay the legislature decides to take all violent movies away from us. I can gurantee you that somehow someway, someone somewhere will find a way to watch them no matter what. We have the right to speak up if we don’t agree, I mean we do have the Freedom of Speech.

But these days who knows, because it seems like if we speak up about things we get shunned for it, or there is no reason. Honestly, I feel like it’s a bad idea, it’s like what else do they want to take away from us. Violent movies are a part of us, it’s what forms us as people. I know I have seen many violent movies none of which would make me want to go out and hurt someone, I find the tv shows or movies to be entertaining. I don’t understand the reasoning behind the legislature considering this, but I think they should just butt out honestly, it’s a tv show, a movie.

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So we may have a few bad eggs in our society that want to hurt people from watching violent programs, but why punish the rest of us because of a few people. So yea, the legislature in my opinion is wrong, they are seeing things from a different point of view and not necessarily seeing them from the point of view that would make a difference. Honestly they want to say no violent movies during certain periods of the day, it’s like what else could they do to us. Have a great day, Your friend, D