Visionary Steve Jobs Essay

Visionary Steve Jobs By: Ed Velasquis October, 2012 I. Introduction A. My paper is about a leader in my field of study that helped revolutionize our current technological age. B. The Leader that I have chosen is Steve Jobs C. The purpose for this paper is to help me (and others who read it) learn more about what were Steve Jobs’ contributions and leadership skill-sets in the technology industry. D. My main ideas: a. Early life. b. Beginnings of his career. c. The evolution of Apple. d. Establishing and leading Pixar. e.

Returning and re-invigorating Apple. f. A master visionary. II. Leader in my field of study – Steve Jobs A. I chose Steve Jobs as my leader in my field of study because he was a visionary that help start and lead one of the biggest companies in our global economic market. a. He has helped in developments of software, hardware and movies that impact the lives of many people on a daily basis. B. Mr. Jobs was instrumental in changing the way we watch TV shows and movies, listen to music, read books and use of cell phones.

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He also allowed for the combination of receiving all this data in one median such as the iPhone. (Cited from: Yukari Iwatani Kane; Fowler, Geoffrey A. Wall Street Journal [New York, N. Y. ] 06 Oct 2011: A. 1. and Finnie, Scot. Computerworld[pic]45. 19[pic] (Oct 24, 2011): 40. ) III. Characteristics of an effective leader A. Successful succession planning, humility and determination, face & solve problems, give clear direction, have a sense of humor and is customer focused. (Cited from: Murray, Alan. Wall Street Journal (Online) [New York, N. Y] 28 Jan 2010: n/a. )

Able to engage other people in the work of the organization, and finding a way to creatively release their energies to fulfill the mission and the vision (Cited from: Lamb, Ellen Clair. Community Banker[pic]11. 4[pic] (Apr 2002): 28-33. ) B. Steve Jobs was able to lead the Apple company from the brink of bankruptcy in 1997 with a market cap of 1. 6 billion dollars to a market cap of well over 360 billion dollars as of August, 2011. (Cited from: Kaipa, Prasad. Ivey Business Journal Online (May/Jun 2012): N_A. (Cited from; Personal power discussion thread, week 2 Sept 10, 2012) C.

Weaknesses a. Procrastination – I will be proactive on completing tasks before they are due and be ready available to take on more when. VI. Conclusion A. I chose Steve Jobs as the leader in my field of study because he exemplifies the career that I would someday like to attain. He helped start an American company, left that company and returned to its helm while it was on the brink of bankruptcy and was able to make it the most valuable company in America today. References Berglas, Steven. (Oct 1999), What you can learn from Steve Jobs. Inc 21. 14: 29-32

Clark, Don. (21 Feb 1995), As Steven Jobs reaches a milestone, his enterprises show new maturity. Wall Street Journal B:12 Finnie, Scot. (Oct 24, 2011) Steve Jobs’ indelible mark. Computerworld 45. 19 : 40 Kaipa, Prasad. (May/Jun 2012), Steve Jobs and the art of the mental model innovation. Ivey Business Journal Online : N_A Yukari Iwatani Kane; Fowler, Geoffrey A. ( 06 Oct 2011), Steven Paul Jobs, 1955-2011 — apple co-founder transformed technology, media, retailing and built one of the world’s most valuable companies. Wall Street Journal A:1