Ways to Revamp the Special Education Program Essay

Ways to Revamp the Special Education Program

            Special Education was based from a principle that children with disabilities have similar, as that of normal children, over rights to learn and be part of the school system hence the introduction, creation and implementation of the Special Education Program in almost every learning facilities. As mandated by law, such program provides all disabled children with a suitable public education at no cost at all to their parents or guardians and in the least restraining surrounding (Horn, 2001).

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Just like any other noble endeavor, however, the Special Education Program has failed to avoid various challenges such as, but not limited, to apparent deferrals in the students’ performance and academic assessments; uncontrollable development within the system, increasing special education and related expenses, if any; as well as the risks of providing life span education privileges for special children and idea that the said students are resistant to discipline.

Such obstacles are practically happening in majority of schools with Special Education Program thus as the Superintendent of (Name of School), it is of my primary function to provide various ways on how to revamp such plan. This is in accordance with objectives to address or meet the needs of the students and parents I serve and most importantly, resolve the issues and problems besetting the said special curriculum which is specifically provided to special children or children with disabilities.

To restore our Special Education Program, first on my list is to approach the issue in a generalized or broad-spectrum manner. This main restoration plan requires increased undertakings aimed at promoting and maintaining cooperation between the normal curriculum and special education within our school. In doing so, there is a need to bring together the efforts of everyone concern and pave the way for the collaboration of the standard and special educations. In particular, the goal of such revamp collaboration proposal is to have the special child stays or remains in a room intended for normal education and just have a special education lecturer assist the normal education teacher rather than taking the child away out of a regular-set up classroom and not providing the child with an opportunity to experience what it feels like to be in a normal kind of education.

Out of the said primary way of revamping the Special Education Program will emerge other valuable means of restoration. These include the plan to promote better and feasible communication process between schools officials like me and the parents or guardians of disabled children of children who require for special needs.

Another way is to enhance the correctness and feasibility of the recommendation system and arranging the courses of special education closer and in line with the standard curriculum of the district. This can take effect by transferring students of special education and bringing them into the normal classroom structure.

The revamp plan may also include the creation of several groups of concerned professionals such as guidance therapists, social workers, those responsible in psychology, educators from both the normal and special education systems and of course, the parents themselves who will all be requested to have their respective contributions to this endeavor.

It is also essential to carry on rigorous attempts aimed at supporting and developing literacy even during the primary education of children with disabilities or those enrolled in the Special Education Program. This is because it is considered an utmost purpose to bring out academic and eventually overall proficiency, if not excellence, among special children. Hence, it is not enough that structural revamp is undertaken because improving or even just attaining the expected academic performance of these children is of equal relevance.

From such ways of revamping the special education program, it is ultimately hoped that the condition of concerned children will be alleviated and the aspiration of making them significant members of the society will be finally realized.


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