We Amazon Echo and Echo dot, inside

have been typing our question on Google whenever we need any information from
the internet, and we have been doing it for many decades. The technology
evolution brought us the virtual voice-activated helper, Alexa, smart Amazon Echo speakers to get answers by just asking
them. And then Amazon introduced Echo Dot –The smaller, the smarter and cheaper
than Echo which captured the market quite easily.


after 2 years Google introduced its Google Home to compete Echo and then Google
home mini was released in October 2017 to compete with Echo Dot. It’s a voice-activated smart speaker that lets you play
music, ask for any information, manage smart home gadgets, call people and hear
jokes on demand and costs only $49.

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Google Home Mini – Shape and Design



The Google Home Mini
looks like a donut, a device with fabric texture on the top and matte plastic at
the bottom half with no visible buttons. You just need to say “OK, Google” or “Hey,
Google” to wake it up and then give it a question or order.

Placing a finger on the left and right sides of the speaker
lowers and raises the volumes, and whenever you command with your voice or
touch, the Home Mini will illuminate four LEDs on its top to confirm the
registration of your order.

The Home Mini has a micro USB
port on its back to provide power and a microphone switch to turn off active
listening.  Just like the Amazon Echo and Echo dot, inside
it has a 360-degree speaker and a pair of far-field microphones to enable it
capture voices not only close by but across the room.


Google Home Mini –


Google Home Mini is the most reasonably priced Google Assistant-enabled speaker
in the market. The Mini has dual-band WiFi with MIMO and Bluetooth to connect
it directly with your phone, but unlike Echo Dot it does not have 3.5mm output
jack to hook it up. As compensation it provides Google Cast compatibility,
which enables you to send audio both to the speaker itself and from the speaker
to any Cast-compatible audio tool.

more than enough if you only use it to get a glance at your calendar, hear the
latest news or phone a friend with its free voice calling. But if you’re looking
to reproduce your favorite music, this mini speaker would be reasonably loud
without bass in the delivery.



Google Home Mini –

If you’re in search for a cheap speaker, the Google Home Mini
will be the best choice. Once your Smartphone is set up with the Home Mini, it
will be easy to start listening.

 Google Home Mini works
really well despite of slightly weak microphone and speaker quality. If the
question is, is it better than Echo Dot? The answer is eventually a “No” and
that’s entirely down to the ecosystem. Alexa as a system is not only more established
with more qualities, but it also has better support along with third-party
speaker manufacturers.