Welfare Essay Research Paper Welfare has been

Welfare Essay, Research Paper

Welfare has been a societal issue since 1936, which was when Welfare was introduced to the United States. Welfare shortly expanded through out the 1960? s and 70? s. Social welfare does non merely exist in the United Sates, it besides exists in many other states as good. Our public assistance plan may non even be every bit good as other states. The ground for this is the United States patterns individualistic capitalist economy which is where the authorities emphasizes the importance of an person instead than a group or community. While other states such as Germany are known to hold a communitarian capitalist economy. Germany is known to hold a really good public assistance system due to this. This is needfully non a bad thing, because the mean individual benefits from this type of system, even though it does ache the lower category at times. Welfare is such an of import issue because for some people it is their lone means for endurance.

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There are many different positions on public assistance. Some people believe that public assistance should be abolished as a whole, because it is merely for lazy people who are non willing to work for their money, while others believe that is the lone hope for people who are non capable of happening a steady occupation to raise their households. There are many misconceptions on public assistance, and about the people who are on it. Yes, in some instances the rumours might be true, but for the most portion they are excessively overdone. Welfare is one of those sensitive subjects that is hard to take a certain base on. The ground for this is because like many other thing it depends on the state of affairs. For case last hebdomad I heard about some cat who was on public assistance, and he was populating in a luxuries townhouse driving a Mercedes. At times like this people may believe public assistance is merely there for people to take their revenue enhancement money and maltreatment it. While on the other manus if were to cognize of a individual female parent working two occupations and seeking to raise three childs on her ain, you would inquire why she is non acquiring helped. In this instance you would be willing to save those few excess dollars you have to assist the needy.

The chief concern about public assistance is non that we should hold it, but who gets it, how much do they acquire, and when do we cut them off authorities assistance. Every thing about Welfare changed in August of 1996 when President Clinton had his ain vision of what public assistance should be. The new plan is called ( TANF ) Temporary Assistance For Needy Families, which replaced ( AFDC ) Aid to Families with Dependent Children. Under this new jurisprudence each province is now responsible for implementing their ain public assistance plans. From so on Welfare and authorities aided money has become more hard to have. Families under the poorness degrees have felt the hit after the changing of these policies. The Clinton disposal claims to hold cut down on public assistance due to the economic systems growing. It is true that many people are better off now than they were earlier due to the dining economic system, but at the same clip people who urgently need money to eat and set apparels on their households back are non acquiring it.

How much money do we desire to pass on assisting others is what it comes down to. Welfare is fundamentally about giving the hapless a small encouragement till they can acquire on their ain pess once more. It is non to be abused or used as a agency for primary wage. The states chief concern evidently is the sum of money that is being poured out into public assistance. The Entire Federal disbursement on Welfare and other authorities AIDSs such as Food Stamps are about 13.8 Billion dollars, which comes out to be about one hundred and 50 six dollars for each American Taxpayer. So it is apprehensible why it plays such a large function in our economic system.

There are many myths about who? s on public assistance. Most people would believe that the bulk of receivers of public assistance are either black or Latino. This is false, really white people make up 38.9 % of public assistance receivers, while 37.2 % black, and17.8 are Hispanics. The ground for this misconception is because many inkinesss and Hispanics live in the metropolis, therefore it seems as though they are they merely 1s who are hapless, while white people are spread out all over the topographic point. Many people live in the center of nowhere and unrecorded in dawdler places.

The Clinton Administration keeps on traveling on about how since he has come into office and proposed this new public assistance plan in 1996, public assistance has gone down, and the economic system is greater than of all time. True, the economic system is making great but what they forget to reference is that it is even harder to acquire public assistance so o

f class lees people are having it. The public assistance Numberss traveling down has nil to make with the economic system being so good. As the celebrated expression goes the rich become richer and hapless become poorer. That? s what they forgot to reference.

Another misconception about the people on public assistance is that they have immense households and that they keep on holding childs. In some instances it may be true, but for the most portion it is false. The Average Family size is 2.9 people. The mean monthly benefit for a household of three is $ 373. As you can see that is non an income, it is merely at that place to set nutrient on the tabular array. I? m non stating it should be increased, because it shouldn? T. I merely believe that there is a misconception that people believe that you can populate off public assistance with out working. The lone thing you can make on $ 373 is eat to last, which is why we have welfare. This leads me to another point. Three fourths of the people on public assistance unrecorded in the metropolis, while 2 out of 3 available occupations is in the metropolis. This makes it much harder for the hapless to happen occupations, since they do non hold the luxury of traveling to where the occupations are located. A survey was done by, The State where they went to Harlem, and found out that 67 per centum of households include at least one full-time worker.

I can candidly state that after all this research I have non changed my position on public assistance. I have learned much more about our public assistance system and how it works. I besides may hold altered my sentiment, but fundamentally it has stayed the same. My place is that public assistance is decidedly a necessity in today? s society, due to many grounds. There are more individual parents now than of all time ; there are many adolescent female parents that can non afford to hold babes. I? m non to fond with thought of teenage female parents, but to face world it? s out at that place. Even though they made a error, we can non let these kids to be brought up on the streets. It? s non at that place fault that there mother made a error. The chief focal point here is on the childs. Some people say that if a female parent has over a certain sum of childs after she? s on public assistance it should be cut off. Once once more we are non penalizing the female parent we are penalizing the kid for something he had nil to make with. If we are traveling to back up the teenage female parents or individual female parents, what we need is more societal workers to travel about. The ground for this is, we need to do certain that the money that us taxpayers are giving out is traveling to right people for the right intent.

I am in understanding with the current public assistance policy we have right now where there is a clip bound to where you can remain on public assistance. Two old ages should be plenty to acquire you back on your pess once more and working. You can have public assistance for 3 extra old ages if you are presently employed. If you have to work 80 hrs a hebdomad to back up your household, so that is what is traveling to go on. I do understand that it is non possible to for a individual female parent to be able to work that many hours and raise their childs. If they did work all their money would travel to babysitting. That? s why the authorities needs to include ways for day care, while the female parents at work. Yes, this is really expensive, but in the long tally it is much cheaper for all of usage. The ground for this is, the Oklahoman we get them on their ain the more we save.

From the research I done, I have come to the decision that non many people are against public assistance. Their biggest concern is that they feel much of the money is acquiring in the incorrect custodies. There are instances where the money is non traveling to the right topographic point but overall the people who are need it are acquiring it. Most Welfare receivers wear? T want public assistance, but they need it. They are traveling to work every bit difficult as they can to acquire off it to last.

It may look as though I have been prefering public assistance, which would be true. At the same clip I think it should be controlled, because I want to do certain that my difficult earned money is traveling to the people who need it the most. I can state you who deserve public assistance ; it should merely be given to the people who need it for nutrient, or seting apparels on their dorsum. What I don? T know is how much they should have and for how long. It all depends on each single state of affairs. I mentioned earlier that I besides believe that there should be a clip bound for the sum of clip spent on public assistance. I am non an expert to make up one’s mind how long that period is, but our current public assistance plan enforced by Clinton seems to be traveling in the right way. Most of the misconceptions that people have about public assistance are false, but of class there are exclusions to everything.