West Side Story Anaylsis Essay Research Paper

West Side Story Anaylsis Essay, Research Paper

West Side Story Critique / Analysis

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As a modern-day musical, West Side Story differs from Romeo and Juliet in signifier and item, but stays true to the calamity of guiltless love caught in a complex societal web that predestines its death. In West Side Story, love at first sight between Tony and Maria set off a tragic concatenation of events which bring the narrative to its heartbreaking decision. Maria is Puerto Rican, Tony, Polish-American ; they are immature, guiltless, rebellious-indifferent to the societal boundaries which they are intruding. Like Romeo and Juliet, love is all that affairs to.

Inevitably, societal world intrudes upon the inter-racial lovers? idealised universe. Alternatively of the warring Montagues and Capulets, West Side Story revolves around two street packs, the Sharks and the Jets. At this point in clip, the destitute white immigrant civilization, which Tony represents, is being hreatened by the inflow of new immigrant populations, particularly the Puerto Ricans, who are get downing new lives in America. The immature street packs that arise from these ghettos demonstrate their defeats and tensenesss through sod wars and street battles. Tony is a member of the Jets, the American pack. Maria & # 8217 ; s brother, Bernardo, and her Puerto Rican suer, Chino, are members of the Sharks.

Gangs are one of the consequences of poorness, favoritism and urban impairment. Some experts believe that immature people, undereducated and without entree to good occupations, become frustrated with their lives and articulation packs as an option to boredom, hopelessness and lay waste toing poorness. Surveies have attempted to find why packs plague some communities but there has been no unequivocal reply. As a consequence, people working to work out pack jobs have great trouble. They find the state of affairs overwhelming, and the force continues.

The ground for some of this vilolence has to cover with the differences in civilization between the two packs and there ethinicity. As we have learned in socilogy civilization is the fundamentally a bluepriont of for life in a peculiar society. The society that the packs are populating in is a unsmooth metropolis like environment that has poorness, no strong household ties and other sociological jobs tht will do the civilizations to be different. The immigrants that are traveling in priamarily Puerto Ricans are happening it difficult to populate with the Americans and dealiing with there unfiarness and holding to populate by the American norms. For the members of both groups are enduring from civilization daze. This takes topographic point when people hav ea difficult clip seting to a new civilization that is different from their ain. For the Americans and Puerto Ricans, they are non used to each other and they are unwanting in the beginning phases to seek and understand the differences. So both are contending each other to maintain there civilization alive. I think that is what all the combat is for.

Language is besides involved with these packs. The Americans are at a disadvatage because they have ne’er had to larn a linguistic communication besides at that place ain. The Puerto Ricans have had to larn two linguistic communications because they left their place for whtat they thought was a new and better life. The linguistic communication barrier causes jobs in itself.

With one one group being American and another being Puerto Rican both ethnicities that carry with them really different cultural traits. These beliefs, values, and ways of making things are brought to the tabular array and the or civilization doesn? t acknowledge these traits so they automatically find jobs with the other group. Culture is the ultiamte ground these groups are contending and is the ground why these groups every bit good as any other cultural groups will ne’er to the full acquire along. For some ground people feel the demand to divide themselves by there civilization and this is why favoritism has ever been a large trade.

The word favoritism can ever be a associated with racism. This is something that besides takes topographic point between the Polish-Americans and the Puerto Ricans. A big beginning of the racism that was present in the West Side Story society stems from one & # 8217 ; s pride in his ain race. Peoples will ever hold pride in their cultural background because they are taught to tresure this at an early age. This procedure is referred

to as socialisation. This is when as a immature peson you are taught rational, phyisical, and societal accomplishments. The packs were non taught the right societal accomplishments to cover with other civilizations because when they were immature they lived in a sheltered environment with there ain sort. This is besides a clip where individuals start to larn and derive at that place ain personalities. Each pack membe, R whether in the Jets or the Sharks, has at that place ain perosnlity, but they portion some of the same qualities with the other memebrs in their pack. The amusing thing is they besides have something in common with the opposing pack, but they are non taking the itme to calculate out because on the surface all they see are the differences in civilization and the societies they grew up in. There is so much accent on a individuals heritage and the importance of it that one might larn to believe tht their cultural background is superior and so the degree of pride additions. Pride in one’s race may finally take to covert racism thought.

Another difference that the packs love to indicate out about their enemies is the position or societal individuality that they have. Each pack has a societal deinfed positon or each pack has its ain single involvements and ideas. Or these grounds the packs are at war and one twenty-four hours will hold happen a common bond like Maria and Tony did in themselves.

As in Romeo and Juilet the male lover died at the terminal of the film. Tony was shot because of his love matter with a adult females outside of his race. This is something that happens all the clip and it is still viewed by many as being incorrect. This footing of these feelings come from bias. The negative energy that one portions against another can do the struggles anf the deifferences between them to be more of a job than they truly are. There wasn? t a existent job with Tony and Maria beig in love. The Jets and the Sharks and there households had nil to make with there love. The two lovers didn? t inquire them to wish each other, but they merely wanted to be together.

One thing I noticed about the pack members was that they were really immature adolescents. They ddin? T seem mature plenty to make there ain ideas about the other civilization. Discrimination and the ideas of hatred towards another civilization must come from someplace. The subject of societal action comes in to play and this says that people do things conciously because of other people. There was portion in the drama after the violent deaths that one of the Jet members was shouting because he didn? T want to contend. He didn? t seem like he had any existent hatred for the Shark members. One could state that he toook portion in being a pack member because of equal force per unit area or he wanted to be portion of somethig that his brothers were. Since the packs were mnore than one individual transporting out actions they were holding societal interactions against other ethnicties and this started the combat.

West Side Story is a premier illustration of societal mobility. With the Sharks traveling into another societal sphere and holding to now populate under different and non apprehensible conditions this could easy and did do struggle. The one tinkle that the metropolis didn? T offer was an unfastened society. The immiagrants couldn? T find an equal oppurtunity to populate with their new neighbours. The metropolis merely offered position incompatibility and this caused the seperation between the immiagrants and the indigens.

When the Jets walked the streets befire the sharks they had ownership and power. This power started to go ill-defined and this made them mad. The battle might hold started over the difference in civilization, but it left that capable and started on a power war. Both packs wanted to experience like they were on top and to be on top and hold your civilization respected they felt the demand to hold the power and prestigiousness.

At the terminal when Tony was killed Maria said a wise thing. ? You all killed him and Bernardo and Riff. You all killed them with hate. ? This is what the narrative was all about. The hatred that was shared by both packs had for the other wasn? t necessary but was at that place. The hate must first go out the the packs heads before the favoritism and contending Michigans. They must non lodge to at that place have sort as Bernardo said but join together and detect the similarities. This will eleviate some of the hate and work towards looking at each other as peers.