What is Correlational Research? Essay

The correlativity research method is appropriate when research workers want to analyze and “assess relationships among of course happening variables. ” Assessment means doing anticipations about the nature of the relationships being studied. It besides means depicting the dealingss and delegating them a “correlation coefficient” that describes the way and magnitude of the motion of variables to one another.

There are many types of correlational research. The commonalty among all types of correlational research is that they explore relationships between variables. Where descriptive research merely described what was traveling on. correlational research negotiations about the nexus between different things. It is of import to understand that correlational research does NOT state us that Variable A caused Variable B. but instead that they are someway related. For illustration. if I told you that there was a correlativity between domestic force ( force between household members ) and bowling. you would look at me queerly. But there is a relationship between the variables ( variable 1- domestic force. and variable 2- bowling ) . As more people bowl in the US. more domestic force occurs.

Does that intend that bowling causes domestic violence- like you had bad game and take it out on a loved one? Or domestic force causes bowling- like you fight with a sibling and experience the demand to take it out on some pins? As you have already guessed- one does non do the other to happen. but they are related- for every clip people bowl. I can foretell that domestic force will travel up. and every clip domestic force goes down I should be able to happen a lane at the local bowling back street. There is a concealed variable that links both of them together. In this instance it is winter clip. In the winter more people bowl and more people stay in their places ( which increases the opportunities of domestic force ) .

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Direction of a Correlation

Before we examine the different types of correlational research methods. understand that correlativities can travel in two waies: positive and negative. • Positive Correlation: when two variables go in the SAME way. For illustration. domestic force and bowling. When bowling goes up. so does domestic force. When domestic force lessenings. so does bowling. •Negative Correlation: A relationship between two variables in which one variable additions as the other lessenings. and frailty versa. Here are a few illustrations of a negative correlativity: The more clip I spend at the promenade. the less money I have in my checking history. The higher my common fund’s disbursal ratio. the lower my investing returns. The more hours I spend at the office. the less clip I spend with my household.

•No Correlation or Zero Correlation: If there is no relationship between the two variables such that the value of one variable alteration and the other variable remain changeless is called no or zero correlativity.

Correlational Research

“Correlation is a statistical technique that can demo whether and how strongly pairs of variables are related” ( Creative Research Systems. 2010 ) . Correlation research method is used in scientific research to analyze the association and/or relationship between variables. When the association between two variables becomes correlation coefficient. it is being calculated through quantitative step. The end for utilizing this method is to detect if one or more variables cause and predict other variables. without holding a causal relationship between them ( Creative Research Systems. 2010 ) . One great article I found is about money and felicity: “Can Money Buy Happiness: Are Lottery Winners any Happier in The Long Run? ” At first people see how happy and enraptured people that win the lottery are on telecasting. nevertheless. past that point. there are no inside informations on how their life is from at that place on. The inquiry of whether they are happier or non still remains.

The research workers developed the survey by inquiring two paralytic accident victims. a control group and lottery victors about their degree of felicity. “There was no statistically important difference between the lottery victors and the control group with regard to how happy they were at this phase of their lives” ( Brikman. 1978 ) . The control group every bit good as the lottery victors did non give any “evidence” of how happy they are traveling to be in twosome of old ages ( statistically insignificant ) .

The lottery victors did non believe. justice or be concerned about how happy they will be in few old ages. as the accident victims did. The consequences were that the relationship between money and the degree of felicity is non additive. The addition of money might or might non increase your felicity ( depends on the events ) . “These findings may besides propose that felicity may be comparative. We may non be able to make a higher degree of felicity as a consequence of winning the lottery. Wining the lottery may merely raise our… [ continues ]

Discussion Board – Correlational Research

In this treatment. I will try to briefly describe correlational research. choose a variable from the survey used in this class and from the workplace that might turn out to supply a correlational relationship explain why I would take these two. Last. I will try explicate how these consequences of the study will be used in the workplace. Correlational research is a step of two more variables. This type of research calculates the grade of systematic covariation among measurings ( Scmidt ) . If the values and one thing alteration. so what happens to the other? This is normally for the same state of affairs. An illustration would be: If you were to hold 22 people in a room of different highs from the shortest individual to the tallest individual. what would be the size of each individual’s bloomerss? They would acquire bigger or in other words. co-vary together. As you go from one of value to another. what happens to the other?

A variable that I chose from the survey in this class is gender and the other variable I have chosen for a work environment is sexual-harassment. The correlativity between the two this was most likely to be a victim of sexual torment in the workplace between males and females. I chose these two variables because it seems as though sexual-harassment within the workplace is demoing up in the media a batch more recently. Victims of this offense are going more vocal than earlier and it is a topic that people need to educate themselves on.

A manner that the consequences of this type of study would be utile in the workplace is that it will let employees to be cognizant of the effects that can go on when they sexually harass single at work. The consequences of this study can besides enable a Corporation to better protect their employees from going a victim of this un-chivalrous offense and how they can supply any type of reding that is needed for these victims. The consequences of this sort of study can besides victims of sexual torment to non be afraid. whether they…