What Moreover, not only do I want

What inspired you to apply to University of Richmond?

I never came across
an environment so impassioned and so stimulating as I found at the University
of Richmond during my search for universities. I have always dreamt of being
educated at one of the world’s best educational institutions. This is a dream
which I see with my eyes wide open. I saw this dream come true when I came across
your esteemed Pre-Engineering program. From every aspect, diverse community to
flexible academics, to its urban environment seems to readily match the
atmosphere I hope to immerse myself for the upcoming five years.

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Unlike many other
colleges, University of Richmond encourages students to get hands-on experience
in their respective fields and make the leap towards shaping their dreams into
reality. At the University, I would work towards my bachelors in physics while
having access to liberal arts education; hence I can get the best of both
worlds, a liberal arts education coupled with a degree in engineering. I would
graduate in 2022 knowing that the education I received at the institution has
shaped me as a better critical thinker who can apply the acquired knowledge and
teamwork skills in practice. Moreover, not only do I want to explore
engineering but I also want to ensure that what I study is actually going to
help in uplifting the lives of the common people of my country.

Perhaps above all,
it is the professors and the diverse student body at the University that drew
my attention the most. The professors here are uniquely crafted that not only
elevate the students to the next level but also dedicate their energy and time
to turn them into inspiring leaders of tomorrow. Furthermore, Living in a
campus located in a metropolitan city—Richmond and studying in a campus packed
with dense trees is a nature lovers dream. University of Richmond offers an
environment which allows the students to mature and assimilate quicker than at
most universities. At UR, I can see myself thriving in a community full of
clubs and societies. Specifically, the University of Richmond Tennis Team and
the realization that the club representatives try to convince the students to
join their cause is truly amazing.

Moreover, the University
of Richmond’s unique Dual degree Pre-Engineering program is perhaps the ideal
class to tie together my experience in teamwork, community service, and to live
in a real-world environment. The experiences from my travels to different parts
of my country—learning about different cultures, internships at Mitsubishi
motors and CIKLUM as well as my volunteer work at the Anjuman Faiz-ul-Islam and
Project Little Sprouts has endowed me with a mindset necessary to succeed at UR.
I believe that I can bring a unique outlook to the campus, a perspective which
I hope to share and broaden by interacting with the brightest students from
around the world at UR.

UR is a place where
minds are engraved with creativity, social life, and research; a place which
inspires feets to explore, and hands to write. I know that being part of such a
motivational and collaborative community has the potential to change my life
forever. I look forward to upcoming years of research, hard work, fun, and
becoming a spider.