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When you take a mortgage to buy a car, your car may get repossessed, and you may never know the reason for it. So now what you can do in this situation is reinstate your loan, or pay the complete mortgage to the lender, or you can ignore everything and get a lifetime dent in your credit score. Below are the possible actions you can take for getting a car after a repossession:1. Find out why your car repossessed:If you are late on your monthly payments, then you can know the exact reason.  Different times it’s not easy to find exact reason. Some states have a default policy that you need to have car insurance as a part of your loan or lease contract, and if you don’t have it, then your car can be repossessed. Therefore always call your lender first in this type of situation and get all things cleared out.2. How you can get it back:If a bank or a repossession company have taken your car, then they often give you a chance to get car back after repo, if you pay your loan in full with repossession cost. You can also have your loan reinstated with a new payment plan. This process will affect your credit score, and you cannot get it removed from your credit report. Another option for getting car back after repo is that you can also wait until the auction of your car and buy it back there. You should consider all the thoroughly for car repossession how to get it back.3. You should know your rights to get your car back:You still have some rights according to law,  and practicing them can help you to get your car back.Firstly, the bank or the repo company cannot keep your things which were present in your car while it gets repossessed. For example, if you had important documents in your car or a gold jewelry item than bank or repo company cannot sell it or keep it. In some states, it is mandatory for bank or repo company to give a list all the things that are inside the car and how you can have then back.Secondly,  a repo agent can never damage your property while repossessing your car back. For example, if you have kept your car in a garage then the repo agent can never break the door of the garage or use any forceful method to open it resulting in damage to your property. You can contact your lawyer anytime during the process if there is any violation of your rights.4.  Do you still owe any money after auctionIf a bank or repo company sells your car at an auction, then it doesn’t mean that you don’t owe any money anymore. Suppose if you have taken a car loan of $10000 and you still owe $9000 when you defaulted. After repossession, if your car is sold at $7000 then you still owe $2000 plus the repossession charges. This is called a deficiency balance.A repossession stays for seven years on your credit report. If you patiently wait to restore your credit report, then it can help you to get your next car loan at lower interest rates. You can also pay your other monthly debts regularly to restore your credit report.