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With the trends of the 21st century being ever changing, The youth of today are constantly adapting to these new trends, whether it be fashion, Business or both. Streetwear has become very relevant in today’s time and made its big come up in the 1990’s due to the growing Hip-hop culture but went mainstream in 2011 with brands such as Supreme, Stussy and Palaces being the leading brands. Such brands were originally designed for skaters and surfers as to maintain that comfortable yet somewhat trendy style.The streetwear industry today has become much more than just a fashion trend. The industry has allowed hundreds of young entrepreneurs to make Thousands if not Hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. The reason for this is due to the fact that the brands release very limited numbers of these items of clothing. Once the item is released it will never be released again. This makes the market of streetwear very lucrative yet dangerous and there have been a number of fights over such items. For brands such as Supreme which is arguably the most hyped and well known streetwear brand, they can expect hundreds if not thousands of people lining up to enter their one of 3 stores around the world. Due to the hype of the brand, Supreme has put several securities measures in place for the drops. A drop is what the weekly releases are known as. At the drops you can expect to see bouncer like security as well as a police presence.But streetwear is not all about the long queue and strict rules. Streetwear allows individuals such as myself to express our youth in a way not many understand. It allows the youth to have a common passion and discuss everything hype. Streetwear today links to everything and we can see this by how it plays roles in today’s Rap with lines such as “Pull up on Fairfax, Drop top, Hop out into the Preme store” and “Supreme on my back and i’m whippin the woo.”streetwear had to start somewhere and the fact of the matter is that it was destined to grow. As human beings we’re always going to look for ways to go about doing things differently, that’s what makes us so unique. If we did the same stuff and wore the same clothes throughout the years, there simply wouldn’t be any innovative things happening. We owe it to ourselves to progress as quickly as possible, no matter what we’re progressing in. Streetwear has allowed many people to go about expressing their artistic values through clothing, and it’s going to continue to do so all the way until a new trend comes along.Streetwear now has a serious impact on today’s modern culture or street culture. We now have dedicated clothing conventions to streetwear like agenda. Everybody has hobbies, some might like to play video games whereas certain people are strictly interested in the designing of clothes.there’s a lot to learn when it comes to streetwear brands. I don’t think there’s any other industry in the world that’s going to have a story like this one, especially since we’re all aware of a few iconic streetwear pieces such as those pants MC Hammer used to wear or that hat Vanilla Ice wore. Even the now Iconic Yeezys made popular by Kanye West. Streetwear has been around us and we may have never even noticed how big it actually was. Although streetwear has now taken on a new form with trends such as these no longer being relevant. There will always be that new artist who wears something we will never forget. Streetwear has allowed to me not only to connect with other people that have the same interest as me but has allowed to me to also learn valuable business lessons as well as still keeping it fresh!