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Within my essay I will be exploring the meaning of Successful. English Oxford dictionaries defines successful as “accomplishing a desired aim or result,” however also stated below,”having achieved fame, wealth or social status.” The variation of the definition is why I have decided to explore this essay title. Does attending university for 3 years or more make us more capable of achieving our desired aim or result. It is important to note that my essay will have two perspectives, with a clear argument agreeing and disagreeing with the question. This is what I shall be arguing throughout my essay, debating whether university is the only option for students at 18. I will come to a conclusion, deciding what it is to be successful and whether university is the only path to follow if you want to be successful. My essay will also focus on the perspective of students in this generation and whether they have always looked at university as their only option, and if they have why.

University is an option of higher education is an option presented to us from when we begin school at the age of 3. It is well-known, an option many choose for the increase in knowledge in an area of interest. Over 530,000 entered higher education in 2015. University is not the only option.  There are a wide number of opportunities for those who do not want to go to university, including apprenticeships, internships, employment and gap years. Despite the wide range that is offered students still find it difficult to choose what their best option, one that they will be “successful” from and one which will benefit them the most in the future. We are not as aware of the other options which are out there as many schools tend to advertise the choice of university since we start secondary school at 11, many children are brought up to believe that university is the only choice at the end of school education.  As young adults we are shown  a path that university is the more beneficial option for us and gives us the best chance to go into an occupation that we have a desire to be employed in.  University however does have a number of adventures and experiences that many encounter. Going to university opens a wide range of  opportunities, not only will one gain a qualification in a subject of  their interest, they will also gain a greater understanding of how their interest can be linked in with other areas. Many look at university for the social life, this may not be their main point of interest, but it does come into account when searching for the most suitable university.  Furthermore from the information I collected from my primary research  I can see that the opportunity to engage  in social activities, including sport and music, is appealing to most, 49% of the people I asked said one of the most appealing social aspect of university is being able to join sports teams. 

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University is a way for students to interact with people. When studying at university as an undergraduate there are numerous opportunities within the work place. For example, a number of banks in London offer an under graduate scheme during the summer, allowing students to earn money and have experience in employment, it is also useful for students who are looking into banking as a possible employment opportunity after graduating. Law firms also offer under graduate schemes, these schemes show as work experience on a CV, which a number of firms also look into when employing graduates. University also offers the possibility of making professional connections, students may have the the chance to know people who have jobs in large businesses which can also make links to people who can offer possible employment opportunities in the future.  Studies also show that graduates with their higher levels of skill, are a source of wider innovation and economic growth. This research highlights that advantages of university go beyond the qualification and social life, but can also help with new and improved ideas that graduates can put into their work place. Along with these benefits going to university is also proven to help with health. It is said graduates tend to live healthier lifestyles than non-graduates, those who have been educated with a degree or higher level qualification are between 70-80% more likely to report “excellent” health, which compares to an individual educated to level 2 or below, and those with a level 4 sub-degree qualification are around 40% more likely to report “excellent health.” The research shows that those with a high level qualification have a better standard of health than those with a lower level qualification, highlighting that qualifying with a degree is better for your health.