Wordsworth nature. He spiritualised nature and observed

Wordsworth is a celebrant of nature, nature’s
supporter or president. nature arises to dwell in in his poems as a detached and
self-governing standing and is not preserved in an unpremeditated or transitory
method as by lyricists prior to his work. Wordsworth has a complete way of life,
an innovative and creative interpretation of nature. As a mogul of nature
poetry, he also was an originator for the romantics. He expressed through these
poems that romance is not just between a woman and man but between a person and
nature. “The Tables Turned” is a one with nature poem and gives the impression
as a dedication of nature to his friend.

Wordsworth comprehended
a sequestered and illustrious correlation with nature as an active temperament.
He thought that there is a celestial essence saturating all the substances of
Nature. Wordsworth thought that the companionship of nature provides pleasure
to the human heart and he looked upon nature as working out a therapeutic encouragement
on distress-traumatised emotions. In “The Tables Turned” there is a passage
that indicates just that, “The sun, above the mountain’s head, A freshening lustre
mellow Through all the long green fields has spread His First sweet evening
yellow (Wordsworth).” The love that is occurring because of the rising of the sun
is allowing Wordsworth to display life if happening while his friend is
entangled in a book.

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                   Wordsworth highlighted the ethical inspiration
of nature. He spiritualised nature and observed it as a prodigious ethical instructor,
as the finest caregiver, protector and harbour of man, and as an enriching
impact. Wordsworth have faith in that amongst man and nature there is shared awareness,
unworldly intimacy or ‘supernatural association’. An example of this would be
“Let Nature be your Teacher (Wordsworth).” He brings his readers into the mystery
of the soul’s closeness with Nature. Wordsworth want you to entrust that Nature
will not steer you in the incorrect direction and that she will guide and teach
you through life. Entrusting your feelings to Nature in a sense is blissful.  According to Wordsworth, individuals who mature
in the presence of nature are picture-perfect in every single admiration.

Wordsworth believed that us as people
can understand even more of an individual and of principled maliciousness and greatness
from nature than from all the books and journals. In “The Tables Turned” nature has an abundance of information which would make
available harmony and tranquility to Wordsworth friend, and he would learn much
more about life than the books have to offer him. He
had confidence in the education of people by Nature. This relationship of
Nature and man is extremely vital in taking into consideration Wordsworth’s
views of both.

This poem, like all of Wordsworth
other work addresses the romantic values and ideas that he deems to be true.
Nature is the light, it is the guidance that creates the path for men to
follow. It is also the only thing that contains the truth of life according to
the author.