Writing Prompt: the Great Gatsby Essay

The Great Gatsby – Writing Prompt 1

The 1920’s were a clip of dramatic alterations that affected the economic system. society. political relations and popular civilization. The nation’s entire wealth doubled between the old ages of 1920 and 1929. As modern metropoliss began to develop new edifices and advanced engineering. many Americans began to travel into the metropolis and started to abandon the rural farm life. This brought a moving ridge of new engineerings that could do the modern consumers life easier. The surging concern net incomes and higher rewards gave more Americans the ability to buy a broad scope of consumer merchandises. This gave their modern twenty-four hours society a new mentality on life and brought prosperity to those who were looking for alteration in their mundane lives.

As people had more free leisure clip. they saw their civilization start to boom around them. Literature. movie. and music caught up to the multitudes and began to develop an exciting night life for the younger coevals. Many important movies were made demoing how life in the 20’s was an exciting clip to populate in. Historians have estimated that by the terminal of the decennary. that three-fourthss of the U. S. population visited a film theatre every hebdomad. The book the Great Gatsby showcased the chief character as a powerful and excessive adult male that had an enriched life style that represented the 1920’s.

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The debut to Jazz influenced a batch of immature people to see Jazz nines in order to dance the dark off to local sets. Dance halls like the Savoy in New York City and Aragon in Chicago were really popular and had all the great and influential Wind groups throughout that epoch. As the music became more popular. wireless Stationss were looking for ways to air the music to a wider audience. Record player records helped Jazz music reach a national audience holding sold 100 million records in 1927 entirely. Youthful teens of that coevals seemed to love this genre of music but older coevalss objected to it. They saw this new moving ridge of civilization as obscene and were uncomfortable with this urban and lively mass civilization.

There was besides a batch of segregation back so a group known as the Ku Klux Klan spread hatred and bias against African Americans and other groups. Klan members held meetings and where they attacked and sometimes killed people they thought were “un-American. ” This was really difficult for the younger coevals because a batch of the new civilization had urban roots tied to them. Jazz began among African Americans in the South. Harlem. a vicinity in New York City. was celebrated for wind. art. and literature. Despite these jobs the young person still found clip to hold merriment. By the terminal when the market crashed people saw the foolishness of their ways. Watching how over disbursement led them to hold no money and what seemed like there wasn’t traveling to be any alterations to their life turned lay waste toing. After the clang many people lost their places and their prized ownerships. All they had left was hope and the desire to populate on. This seems to tag a tragic terminal to there extravagate life styles and brought them back to the rough worlds they faced.