Zara information system Essay

By utilizing the Intranet to inform the item of ocular selling and Windowss show. is a merely but efficient manner. It can heighten the efficiency of information sharing by the expert squad in the Galician headquarter.

First. Intranet is a user-friendly information system. it can be easy operated by the staff members. Visual merchant in each shop can come in the Intranet by their staff individuality. inside informations of the new ocular selling can be viewed easy. Intranet is an easy-handle system for the staff. fewer preparation is needed for the ocular merchants. Therefore. the cost of preparation can be saved as larning a new information system is an disbursal of clip and money.

Using the Intranet can heighten productiveness of ocular merchants. Different types of paperss such as exposures. word paperss. recording can be shared on the Intranet rapidly. These information helps the ocular merchant to hold deeper understanding about the latest ocular selling and Windowss display which issued by the headquarter squad. Intranet is a cost-efficient method that portion the information at one time and worldwide can be seen those information. Since Zara expands its concern to more than 200 shops located over 88 states. Intranet can be the platform that clip of seeking paperss can be saved. As a consequence. productiveness can be enhanced as clip can be saved and files are concentrated in one platform.

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Apart from clip salvaging. cut down cost and increase productiveness. communicating is another benefit of utilizing Intranet. There is a criterion on the ocular selling. for illustration the maximal figure of merchandises on the tabular array is fixed. the distance between merchandise and other merchandise has a standard figure in the aggregation rack. As ocular selling is complex. sometimes ocular merchants want to ask some inside informations on the latest ocular selling. so Intranet is a platform for employee to pass on with the headquarter squad instantly. Communication is improved if Intranet is used. a platform for employees portion their information about ocular selling.

3. 2. 2

Gross saless figure and superior study can be conducted by TGT which regulate the placement scientifically Ocular merchants can somewhat set the original thought from the headquarter squad harmonizing to the gross revenues figure or ranking study which generated by TGT. The gross revenues figure may different in distinguishable part. therefore the Windowss show should hold somewhat unlike as the original 1. The most attention-getting topographic point should be the hottest point alternatively of the merchandise selected by the headquarter squad. Therefore. TGT is an information system. which helps ocular selling in different parts.

3. 5 Recommendations

3. 5. 1 Strengthen the Security

Due to the informations in Intranet is of import to Zara. the security of Intranet should be strengthened. Although Zara’s IT squad organizes the Intranet. the on-line security may insufficient. If the information is disclosed to the populace. it is a loss to Zara. Therefore. maintain updating the version of on-line security seasonably is an effectual manner to guarantee the information of Zara will non disclosed by hacker illicitly.

3. 5. 2 consistent of merchandise choice

Sing as the merchandise which selected by the headquarter squad may non suitable for every parts. Decision Support System ( DSS ) can be implemented in comparing the sale figure. As TGT generate the gross revenues figures and ranking study in each part. headquarter of Zara can analyse the informations so conduct another prediction study by utilizing DSS. Based on the gross revenues figure. it should be found some merchandises are in the same rank in different parts. Though the informations analyzed by DSS. Zara can hold more accurate merchandise choice for specific parts.

For illustration. if the most popular points in Hong Kong and Spain are leather physician bag. cashmere poncho with side slits. and so these two parts can be grouped together. The ocular selling squad in headquarter can choose the merchandises which suggested by DSS in the most attention-getting topographic point. this may work out the job of inconsistent of merchandise choice.